Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Wellness Check

Happy Monday Fabulous Ones,

The focus for today is starting fresh. I shared a lot with you guys on Friday. I like being honest, I feel it will let someone know that they are not alone and we all go through some of the same issues. Since I've shared my binge eating disorder I feel a lot better and now my plan is to get on the right track.

Let me start by saying I have researched healthy eating and proper exercise for years. I successfully loss 60 pounds and kept it off before I had my twins. I don't have problems trying to find out how to eat right or how to exercise. I know what is the proper way to lose weight. My challenge is learning to control my stress, emotional and binge eating when I am going through tough times.

My eating is so crazy right now that I'm taking baby steps with it. My eating is the most unhealthy and most important to change. So today I'm starting to controlling my portions. I don't want to go to drastic to fast. I'm also adding some fruits and veggies throughout the day.

My exercise is in need for a major come back. I was shocked yesterday as I got out of breath bringing in my little bit of groceries. That was the realest wake up call I ever had since I've never been out of breath doing that. Tonight I am going to start with a half hour of Zumba and work my way up.

I am also now looking for doctors to not only monitor my health but also to help me control the binge eating. I have faith in myself to get back on the right track. It is definitely a slow process and a complete life style change but I want to be healthy for myself and my three daughters. I want to set a good example of not only how to be an amazing woman but to be a healthy one too.

Like always I'm here for support or any questions

Peace & Love

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