Thursday, October 31, 2013

How to Create a Waist and Enhance Your Curves

As a stylist I have to work with every body shape and what many women do not know is that there are easy ways to adjust your clothes to fit your shape properly and give you a killer silhouette. A big problem women have is how to enhance your curves when you are not very curvy. It is more common than you think. Below I will show you the easiest ways to enhance your curves and give you a more feminine silhouette.

1. Shape Wear
Shape wear, also known as girdle or body shaper, pulls and holds you in, in the right places. It can also help shape you, especially if you are losing weight. Check out to find great shape wear that goes up to a size 4x.

Belts are very versatile and can transform any look. They pull you in right at the waist which will show off a curvier frame. You can choose either a thin or wide belt. They will do the same thing. Visit Lane Bryant for very cool belts and they have a 2 for $30 sale right now too.

Lane Bryant

3. Panel Dresses
Panel dresses give the illusion of being curvy. The dark panels will slim you and the shape of the front panels will will distract the eye into thinking you have more of an hourglass figure. Visit Sonsi for great panel dresses.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lace, Aztec Print and Snake Skin, Yea I Did It!! and Discount on Kiyonna Dresses

I spoke in a previous post about mix and matching prints and fabrics incorrectly and how to do it properly. Today is a good day to showcase how I did it. I wore eggshell colored pants to make the top pieces stand out more. My first layer is an Aztec printed tank. The second is a cropped sweater with lace cutouts. You would think these two pieces could never work but because of the colors I selected they mesh very well. I topped the look off with a snake skin flat. That adds a little detail below as my pants are pretty plan. This is a great example of how you can mix and match your pieces.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

One of The Biggest Mistakes Women Don't Know They Are Making

8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra...crazy right!!! It is very common for women to think they are a certain size when they are not. Usually as long as it buckles you may think it fit. I recommend you get bra fittings at least one a year, especially if you have just had a child. If you are not able to get a fitting anytime soon, there are a lot of key factors that lets you know your bra is too small.

1. You have spillage. Your breast should not spill out of your bra in any area unless you bought a massive push up bra.

2. Your straps dig into your shoulders. That is a sign your breast is to large and heavy for that bra.

3. The band (sides) of your bra rolls up. If that happens your band is not long enough to properly fit your body.

4. The back rides up (looks like an arch). Again your band is not long enough to properly fit around your body.

5. Your breast still sag with a bra on. Your breast should always sit up (perky like). If they still sag you have on the wrong bra.

6. You have a lot of room in your bra. Gaps are a sign that your bra cup size is too big.

The best way to find out your correct bra size is to go to a lingerie store and have them measure it for you. You can also look at the chart below to help you figure out your bra size.

Courtesy of Platex


Friday, October 25, 2013

Champagne Taste With a Beer Budget...How to Look Fab for Less

Many plus size clothing brands can be expensive, specially for high fashion look a like pieces. I, like many others, cannot afford many fabulous fashions. However I don't let that keep me from looking fabulous. I stretch my small budget very far to accommodate my needs and wants. Here are a few tricks of the trade.

Thrift Stores

Thrifting is very popular in the plus size world. Being that we have limited options you can find really cool pieces for really cheap prices. The best thrift stores are going to be in areas that are more expensive to live in. Think fancy suburbs and similar areas to score amazing pieces. Make sure you look for any defects, stains, etc.

Stores Like CW Price, Ross, Burlington Coat Factory

These stores fall between thrift stores and stores like Marshalls. They carry unused items and some are brand name and some are not. There prices can be as low as thrift stores, which is a plus. I've gotten a lot of Ashley Stewart work pants from CW Price. Just make sure you look for any defects, stains, etc.

Outlet Malls
I shop at the outlet mall near me from time to time and you can find really good sales there. There clearance and sales racks can have some amazing items so make sure you really look through the racks. Granted the outlet mall doesn't carry the latest that's in there store fronts, but you can find staple pieces like skirts and etc.

Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Khols
These stores carry major clothing brands for very low prices on some things. They still can be a little pricey, but compared to what the retail price is you get a great deal. I love the ones that have a huge shoe department because they always have great prices.

Revamping New Clothes From Your Own Closet

Finding items you don't wear anymore and doctoring them up is a great way to save money. Remove the sleeves off a top or turn pants into shorts. That is a very easy and cheap way to get new items. Don't worry you don't have to be a seamstress to do this. Sewing stores have great items like fabric tape to help you along your way.


Dark Mornings in The Fall/Winter...OOTD

I always know winter is just around the corner when it is still dark at 7am and getting dark at 4pm. This is not the life for me, but thankfully I don't live in Alaska where the have 30 days of darkness/sunshine. Being that is still dark when I usually take my OOTD pictures I have to take them in the house unless I have free time on the weekend, which doesn't happen often. In any case I still have to make it work and pose for the click click


Thursday, October 24, 2013

How to Style 1 White Tee 3 Chic Ways

You should always keep staples in your closet that can be converted into multiple looks. That will not only expand you clothing options but it will also save you money. Below I will show you how to create three different looks with one white tee.

Sophisticated Chic

Pair your white tee with skinny leg jeans, cap toe pumps, a blazer and top it off with a killer clutch and simply necklace. Now your event ready without going all out. A lot of times less is more and in this case it works. So to create a look like this keeping staples items such as blazers, skinny leg pants and jewelry will take you very far.

Casual Chic

Pair your white tee with destructed denim, a cool coat, fall booties, casual purse and necklace and you are ready to hit the town with your girls. Staples like denim and fall booties change an outfit in a matter of seconds. These items will keep you looking fabulous without all of the glitz and glam. You can still look hot while rocking casual wear.

Sporty Chic

Style your white tee with a pair of sweats, moto jacket, wedge sneakers, scarf and killer bookbag to run your errands in style. Some days you just want to relax and be comfortable and keeping staples like scarves and cool bookbag will keep you looking fab without even trying. This is an effortless look and can be pulled off by anyone.

These looks are very simple but make a big statement. Every girl should keep items in her closet that are easy to transform.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

JustFab Restored My Faith in Wide Calf Boots

I have been wanting a pair of boots that went above my lower calf for the longest. There are so many styles of boots that many of us plus size women cannot wear because our calfs are too big. There are more shoe designers coming aboard the wide calf movement, however they are really expensive. I cannot afford to pay $120 for a pair of boots. Here comes in my savior JustFab!

I love JustFab for shoes and handbags and to my surprise I saw that they now carry wide calf boots on select styles. I had to get me a pair, so I ordered, but I got nervous because the measurements where not the same measurements of the largest part of my calf. They come in and THEY FIT!!!!! I couldn't be more happy to have my first pair of riding boots that come up to my knee. I will definitely be ordering more in the future specially for $39.95.

Cool Note: I learned one of my calfs is bigger than the other LOL


Monday, October 21, 2013

Top 5 Mistakes Plus Size Women Make in Fashion

Being a proclaimed fashionista is awesome as style sees no size and every one's type of style varies by the individual. When looking for that killer look that will turn heads or get tons of like on social media sometimes these fabulous curvy ladies can go a little too far to the left. Find out the top 5 mistakes women make and how to improve on it.

1. Not buying the right size
This is a very common mistake women make. It is tough to find trendy clothing in larger sizes specially women over a size 2x or 22. Always make sure to check for a few things: make sure your buttons are not pulling the material. Your fabric should lad flat and smooth. If the waist of your pants is digging into you stomach, they are to small. If your fabric stretches to the point it becomes see through, than it is too small.

2. Do not always dress age appropriate

Majority of trendy plus size fashions in stores are junior plus sizes. We must remember that even thought that top and leggings are cute, you may be a little to old to wear it. It is nice to find and wear cool prints, but just make sure they are appropriate for the occasion.

3. Believe a girdle(spanx) will fix everything

Girdles are made to smooth your rolls and pull you in a little, however, they are not miracle workers. Having a foundation piece is great for wearing bodycon dresses and to just smooth you out and enhance your curves.

4. Not mix and matching prints and colors properly

There is a right and wrong way to mix and match prints and colors. Sometimes women can do too much and end up looking like a Christmas tree. Understand that less is more and although mixing and matching can be show stopping when done properly, there is fine line when you can go to far.

5. Being too insecure to wear fabulous fashions

Body image issues keeps many women from dressing to their highest potential. They follow too many fashion rules which hinders the possibility of truly looking your best. Not all fashion rules are meant to be followed. Your style should tell what type of person you are without you having to speak.

The only fashion rules you should follow are ones that will bring out your inner fabulousness. Remember not everything is meant for everyone so be aware of how you look in certain items to make sure you look your best!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Why You Really Need a Image Consultant/Stylist Even If You Think You Don't

I talk to many women and a lot of them say the same thing: "I don't need a stylist, I know how to shop." and "Why would I pay someone to pick out my clothes, I can do that!" Ladies you are missing out on great services!

I think many people think stylist are just for celebrities and high profiled people and you couldn't be more wrong. Image consultants and stylist are here to help you look your best at all times. You may feel you have your look together and that may be true, however, we (stylist) can bring you the best of the best regardless of your budget.

Budget is not a problem for me to help you achieve your fashion vision. I am a budget conscious shopper and stylist and I keep my clients needs and wants first. I take the hassle of keeping up on trends, finding great pieces, shopping, and figuring out what will look good together so you, the client, will not have to. I am here for services as big as red carpet events, to things as small as going out to the movies.

I also educate my clients on what looks amazing on their body types. Everything is not made for everyone even if it does come in your size. The cost of services can range by stylist and there is someone for everyone. You just have to find one to fit your needs.

My style is not my clients style. I style younger women to older women and find items for them to bring out their own personalities. If your stylist is making you dress like them then you have the wrong stylist. I focus on the goals of the client. What will help them flourish and bring out their inner fashionista. Age, race, and current style is never factor in providing excellent services.

Ladies you need a stylist even if you think you don't. Call me and we can speak more in depth of how I can help you bring out your inner fabulousness.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Everyone is NOT Fat Shamming You!!!

I am pretty sure you have heard about the mom of 3, Maria King, and her fitness photo. Here photo has now gone viral because many believe she is fat shaming. I completely disagree!

I understand what it's like to be a busy mom of 3 with 2 jobs (one of which I own). I have a 4 year old, 2 year old twins. I work over 40 hours a week. I handle all of the cooking and I do most of the cleaning and preparing for the next day, not to mention I don't like to miss my fav shows. I used to use how busy I was as an excuse to not be very healthy.

I am not saying you can't be overweight and healthy because I have never had any issues because of my weight. I got to a point after my first daughter that I wanted to lose weight and get more healthy and fit. It has been a roller coaster especially since I had my twins. I have way less time to dedicate to fitness BUT I make it happen. I believe Maria's photo was meant for those who want to be healthier and more fit but let their excuses get in the way.

 Everyone that sends out messages are not attacking others. Now there are times when people do send out messages and pictures to shames others. Wee see that everyday, but I don't agree that this is one of them. I feel those who were offended have their own insecurities within themselves that this picture struck a cord with. I could understand if she had including other things in her statement that where very offensive but to simply say what's your excuse can be targeted toward everyone, not just overweight women.

I hate when people are quick to judge without knowing the other person's situation. Maria shares that she suffered from bulimia in the past along with other things about herself which lets me know that she has had her own struggles but did not use them as an excuse.

At times I feel some plus size women get to emotional to fast and are quick to yell fat shaming without looking further into things. There are also a lot of plus size women who don't realize they thin shame women. How many post have you seen of bigger women putting down skinny women? It is all the same thing people.

Yes fat people get shamed often, HOWEVER, not everyone is fat shaming you. We need to work on our sensitivity to subjects before we jump to a conclusion.

You all know I love you ladies and I am sorry if you disagree with me (everyone is entitled to their own opinion). I hope Maria King's photo did not offend you and if it did I am sorry. Always remember you are fabulous, amazing, and beautiful women.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What Journey Are You Choosing??

So Size Fabulous serves a set purpose focusing on certain things. I often find myself looking at other people to compare what I'm doing to what they are doing, especially if they are more known in the industry. Then I snap out of it and I remember why I am doing what I am doing. I am reaching goals for myself. I have a set story I am trying to tell that includes none other than myself.

I say that to say this, comparing yourself to others will never get you anywhere. Focus on your own goals, your own story and you will be happy you did in the end. You are amazing and you are still writing your story, never let anyone steal your joy!!!


Monday, October 14, 2013


So yesterday someone (who must be a genius....NOT) declared it Fat Shaming Week and we took it over by storm. I guess they had a lot of free time on their hands. Fat and Fabulous ladies and men on Twitter and Instagram took over the hashtag and re declared it a Love Your Body Week. What they wanted people to do was upload pictures of big people and shame and degrade them, but instead the hashtag was overflowing with people showing their love and empowering others to love their bodies.

Some people asked why feed into it but I had to explain that there are some people who are not confident enough to fit back and will only feel worse about themselves. We created a movement and no longer are we standing for ignorance simply because our body frame is not small. They had nothing to say about people who eat terribly but are small, it was all about people who's large (smart right...I know).

Well all I can say is there is no shaming over here and love yourself ladies. You are beautiful!!