Tuesday, October 2, 2012

3 Reasons to Tell Your Man to STFU About Your Weight

Last week the Internet buzzed with gossip, yet again, about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. After publicly convincing Kimmy K to toss out her entire wardrobe so he could turn her into his life-sized paper doll, word on the street was Kanye wasn’t feeling Kimmy’s weight either.

According to the folks over at the gossip rag, OK Magazine, Yeezy allegedly asked his boo to drop 20 pounds so she could be the face of his high-end fashion line.

OK Magazine reports:
It wasn’t enough to get Kim to toss her entire wardrobe.
Now Kanye wants his girlfriend to change her body, too — by embarking on the drastic liquid diet BeyoncĂ© used to prepare for her Dreamgirls role.

“He even suggested Kim drop 20 pounds, arguing that BeyoncĂ© has a similar shape and she proved you can get that supermodel body using her lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup diet,” a source tells OK!.
While I’d respect Yeezy’s concern for Kim’s weight if she were a few biscuits away from popping out of her Roberto Cavallis, according to “sources” Yeezy wants Kim to slim down so she can fit into his clothes, which, she is apparently she’s just too curvy to do.

Though extreme, Kanye’s attitude toward Kim’s weight provides a good example of how some men “suggest” their partners drop a few pounds. Although I don’t knock men who positively encourage their girlfriends and wives to live healthier, hounding your boo and recommending she go on an unhealthy and unsustainable diet just to fit some prescribed notion of what’s sexy is not what’s hot in the streets either.

So, in case you’re dealing with a man who’s more concerned about how you look in your jeans and not how healthy you are, here are 3 reasons to tell him to STFU about your weight:

You want to be healthy, not look like a supermodel.

Let’s face it: models are beautiful, but 99% of them don’t look like the average woman. They are typically much taller, way thinner, and go to extremes to keep themselves camera ready.

Over the years many models have admitted to suffering from eating disorders and engaging in drug abuse just to stay thin. So tell your boo that comparing you to the latest runway diva is a waste of time.

This is how he met you.

Unless you packed on 50 pounds or developed weight-related health issues since hooking up with your beau, asking you to lose a drastic amount of weight (in a ridiculously short amount of time) after he’s been experiencing your good, good loving is straight up suspect.

Again, I don’t fault men who positively encourage their partners to live healthier lives (hey, working out together is sexy!). But if you look the same as the day you guys met—and he was happy with you then—there’s something a little controlling (and Ike Turner-ish) about hounding you to lose weight—especially if, like Kimmy K., you don’t need to.

Harping on your weight is stressing you out.

Let’s say you have packed on a few pounds since the relationship began and you’ve been trying to slim down. If your partner is constantly bombarding you with criticism about your weight, it can actually make things worse. While he may feel like his suggestions are mere subtle reminders to get fit, continuously commenting about your weight could backfire, causing your stress levels to surge and prompt your body to release cortisol (the “stress hormone”) which often leads to weight gain.

Getting fit can be tough, and that process can be even more difficult if your partner isn’t supporting you in the ways in which you need him to. Instead of getting upset and allowing his misguided words to push you into the comforting embrace of a red velvet cupcake, have a talk with your man and let him know how his comments make you feel.

Hopefully, he’ll change his tune and offer encouragement that reminds you he’s on your team, but if not, here’s a quick way to drop a few pounds overnight: get rid of him.

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