Monday, October 8, 2012

You May Be Bigger Than You Think

So I came across an article via Twitter about actress Christina Hendricks. She was upset that a reporter called her full figured. This is what the reporter said "You have been an inspiration as a full-figured woman. What has been the most inspiring story that you can remember, where you've inspired someone?". That seemed like a simple question to me but Christina felt it was rude and this lead to a heated interview.

My problem is this, some people don't want to accept when they are bigger than they think they are. Christina is not small and she does have a fuller figure. Is that bad????? Absolutely not. This all plays into what society thinks about weight and size. The reporter did try to rephrase they question but still referred to Christina as a fuller figured woman.

What I don't understand is why Christina was so mad. She needs to either own it or make the necessary changes to not fit in the category. Christina isn't the only woman in the world that does this. There are many women who feel they don't fit into a certain category when they do and will get upset if you say something about it.

I want all of you ladies to own your size. whether you are a size 4 for 24 just own it. Once you own it your confidence will shine through brighter than before. Accept and love your bodies ladies. When people see you loving your body they will love it too.

Peace & Love

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