Saturday, June 30, 2012

Body Confident Campaign Message

This message is from author, publisher, and speaker Caroline Pover; based on her TED Talk on Women’s Spaces & Places — The Bedroom (aka “I Love My Bum!”):

I’m happy to say that I’ve always had an open-minded and confident attitude towards sex, and I attribute this to growing up in a home where nobody ever told me that my body should be any shape other than the one it actually was. We need to raise girls to be brave enough to ignore the unrealistic images that are thrown at them on a daily basis, brave enough to ignore the friends who obsess about diets and weight loss, and brave enough to ignore what they THINK boys want their bodies to look like.
But it isn’t really about men, friends, the media, or ANYONE else — it’s about every woman and what she thinks of her body (and especially the part of your body that you probably don’t like to think about — your bum!). We need to love our bodies, and especially our bums, just the way they are. When you love your body, all that time and energy wasted on negative feelings about yourself disappears, and a whole world opens up. A world where you are free to be everything you are meant to be, and do everything you are meant to do!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Opinion On The New Diet Drug Belviq

"The weight-loss pill is approved as an addition to exercise and cutting calories for people who are obese (a BMI of 30 or more) or overweight (a BMI of 27 or more) with at least one weight-related disorder, such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, or high cholesterol."

Here's another so called short cut to loosing weight. I think every diet pill that comes out says it has to be taken with proper diet and excersie. But when its advertised, I'm pretty sure that will be in the fine print. Which is why most people ignore that important but small detail. I am happy that they are not offering to everyone though. It is specially important for people with these conditions to get down to a healthier weight.

"Belviq is considered safer because it’s more selective—specifically targeting serotonin receptors linked to hunger, using a different brain pathway than fen-phen did."

At one point wasnt it assumed that Fen-Phen was safe??? No one will know the exact outcome of this pill untill years from now. How many commercials do we see talking about if you experienced medical emergencies including death by taking a certain medicine years after it comes out. At least they are trying to create safer things for people to take. I know they are not trying to diliberatly hurt anyone.

"In three randomized clinical trials involving nearly 8,000 overweight and obese adults, those who took Belviq for up to one year, in combination with cutting calories and exercise, dropped an average of 3 to 3.7 percent of their body weight. For a 200-pound person, that would be a loss of 6 to 7.4 pounds."

Taking a pill for a whole year with proper diet and excersice with these results is hardley a success to me. Many people can loose that much in a week. I dont see how they only lost that much. If that is the case they need to go back to the drawing board to create something more effective.

"The FDA advises people who haven’t lost at least 5 percent of their body weight after taking Belviq for 12 weeks to stop the drug, since further treatment is unlikely to help them slim down."

Most people taking it will ignore this. This is something that will also be in fine print when put out. They do need to include that when people take pills for weight lose they usually gain it back when they stop taking it.

This is the thing, everyone is looking for the merical pill that will make us lose weight and do it quick. There is nothing that can be made to cure obesity. As indivinduals we have to make the better choices in our own lifes to become healthier. Simple diet and excersize can change your life but many are to lazy to do it. I understand it is very hard to lose weight. It is a life style change. I can speak from experince in this situation. Ive never opted for surgey or diet pills but i understand why some people do. I was able to lose 60 pounds from strictly diet and excerisize and it was not easy. I gained it all back with my last twin pregnancy, so im started all over again. This is the hardest its ever been but it has not made me consider anything other than a proper diet with excersize. Im hoping everyone who reads will understand there is nothing than can make you lose weight and keep it off besides your own determination and drive.

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Loving Yourself In A Swimsuit

 For the shy but bold woman. This peek-a-boo swimsuit provides extra coverage for those that may want to keep any insecurities they have about their stomachs, waist or hips covered up. It also has full coverage for the bust. With no cover-up needed theis yellow swimsuit screams fun.

 When I was first understanding and learning about and excepting my plus size figure, this is the suit I would have wore. I used to hide under shorts or big t-shirts. Some times even no get into the water. Its all about taking baby steps. This would be the first step to stepping out of your comfort zone and wearing a swimsuit. If you are still a little uneasy about going to the beach or pool in a swimsuit, this may be the perfect one for you.  (swimsuit is by Roaman's (

For the filrty and fun woman. Enjoy a nice pattern with this peacock halter tankini. The rouched top hides any imperfections in the mid area and pull in the stomach in the right places. It also provides full coverage for the bust.

 Wearing patterns, I consider as step 2. People avoid patters because they dont want to draw attention to themselves. If you like a pattern dont be scared to wear it. As long as the suit is flattering to your body, enjoy it. With matching bottoms, your bound to have a good time with this swimsuit. (swimsuit by Avenue (

 For the sexy and cool woman. All eyes on you with this suit. This halter swimsuit has tummy tuck lining and ties at the hips to adjust for the perfect fit. The fringe also is a great feature to hide the stomach area.

Step 3 is spicing it up a bit. Try out different styles. If your not doing any major swimming the water, why not get a little creative with the swimsuit. If you want to play it cool but keep it sexy this is for you. Swimsuit by (Monif C (

 For the confident and incharge woman. This highwaist bikini was made especially for plus size women. It has tummy tuck linning and adjustable ties. There is also full coverage for the bust.

 Now this swimsuit will not look good on every plus size woman. For those that can wear this, it definilty makes a statement that bikinis are not just for skinny girls. This is my favorite because there are women that dont have bulging bellys that want a hot two piece suit but cant find one. I encourage any woman to give this suit a chance and show how confident and sexy you can be. Swimsuit by (Monif C (

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Photo Shoot Teaser

Dressing Room Meltdowns

Nothing like have a moment in the dressing room right?

Any woman with curves face many obstacles when trying to find the right attire to fit perfectly. It can definitely become frustrating and I am not immune to having them either. What we need to do after the meltdown is how we recover from it.When we become frustrated, upset, emotional or even angry its time to then evaluate the situation.

First we need to understand if the store carries clothes to fit our body types. Not all body types are created equal. Knowing your body type can help you pick out appropriate and flattering items. Some stores clothes are not American cut and you may need to adjust the size you select, i.e. go up a size. If that doesn't help then the store is not for you. Of course, we would love to shop where slimmer girls do but some times it's just not meant to be.

Second, not all looks are flattering on your body. There are amazing styles out there but we cant wear all of them, even if we are in love with it. Its nothing worse than seeing someone squeezing into something or seeing them with an outfit that makes them look a mess. We need to wear something we love but also we have to understand what we look good in.

Lastly, what do you wear that makes you fell good about yourself and confident? How we feel in what we wear is what determines our moods and attitudes. Learning how to dress appropriately can help build your confidence and self-esteem. So with that being said, learn what you should wear before buying clothes. It could avoid meltdowns in the dressing room and help you build you confidence.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Why Size Fabulous????

Why did I create Size Fabulous?

I have always been a plus size girl. My journey to love myself they way I am is similar to many. Growing up I never paid attention to my size until I got into high school. Even though I had the same friends since middle school, it was evident I was the "big" girl of the click. My girlfriends never treated me any different but others did. I was not approached by boys as much and when we went shopping I couldn't buy clothes from the same stores. I definitely had my moments when I was alone about my size and the obstacles I had to overcome.

Once I graduated from high school in 2004 and moved to another state my confidence began to grow. I met so many new people and got involved in various activities that taught me to embrace my size. However, it was never a secret that being a plus size women in certain aspects was unhealthy. After the birth of my first child in 2009 I was able to lose 60 pounds, which felt AMAZING. Unfortunately I gained it all back and some when I became pregnant with my twins in 2010. Trying to lose the weight again has been harder than before but I've never stopped loving myself and my body.

So recently I decided I wanted to start my own business. After many ideas of what it could be, I new I wanted to do something that was near and dear to my heart. I kills me to see other plus size women and girls not have the confidence and self-esteem I have. Regardless of size every woman should love the skin she's in. Women should still try to be as healthy as possible though and only try to lose weight to be healthy not skinny. I am still going through my weight lose journey that has had it's ups and downs, but I will still embrace my body.

With that being said, this is how Size Fabulous was developed. I hope to spread my knowledge and other resources to everyone I can. My blog will include messages from myself and interviews from other plus size women as well as fashion tips and info on the latest fashion trends.

Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to read my blog.