Thursday, March 27, 2014

Have Better Sex!!!!!!

Every women has insecurities about their bodies. There will always be something you hate about it or don't want another person to see. When it's time to be sexy or intimate your insecurities can lead to a disastrous night. I want to help you get out your comfort zone to bring out that inner sexy. The more you work on it the easier and more comfortable it will become.

  1. Get familiar and explore your body. I say it all the time but looking at yourself naked often will help you accept it and love it. Everyday you should spend time in front of your mirror.
  2. Gradually buy sexy clothes like lingerie or sexy pajamas. Try things with a silk or satin material. Feeling those materials against your skin will help bring out your inner sexy.
  3. Maintain your feet and hands. You don't have to pay a lot of money for pedicures and manicures. Doing simple things like making sure there moisturized and nails are painted can keep you in a good mood.
  4. Another thing that's gets my sexy going is music. I am heavily into all kinds of music and certain songs just puts me in a zone. Try listening to some R&B slow songs. Even some throwback old school music can put you in the right mood.
  5. The most important thing is to get comfortable by yourself. We will all be a little uncomfortable from time to time when we are with a partner but being comfortable in your own skin will help.
It wont happen over night but don't let your issues with your body get in the way of intimacy. Every woman deserves to feel sexy. Work on these tips and you will be that much closer to bringing out your hotness.

Friday, March 21, 2014

It's OK to Complain About Plus Size Clothing Prices

I was going to do this post a while ago but changed my mind. After I read another bloggers post about women to stop complaining about plus size price tags, I definitely wanted to share my opinion.

So here are the facts....

*Plus Size designers are few and far between...Yes

*The cost to make larger clothing is more expensive...Yes

*Most plus size designers are small/home based and don't have the funds to reach people like other major designers....Agreed

With those facts I can understand that people want all of us to understand why the cost of our clothing is more expensive. As a business owner myself I definitely understand why and how designers will make a profit and I'm not upset about that.

My issue is for designers to provide clothing for all consumer budgets. There are many times I would love to buy from and support some plus size clothing companies and designers but there is no way I am paying their prices. A lot of people say "But the quality is better" and frankly that is not always true. Don't get me wrong some designers are fab but some are on the same level as Forever21 or even worse.

If I'm paying for Forever21 quality, I want Forever21 prices. I think that is the problem plus size women face. It's not that we hate that there are high end designers, it's the fact that some designer prices are just plan ridiculous. Or some item prices are ridiculous like swimsuits. Do I buy them..absolutely. Will I pay hundreds of dollars on them...HELL NO. Even if I became rich tomorrow, I know I wouldn't begin to buy crazy items like that. Just like other mainstream labels, we are only paying for the name. And you can find quality items at lower prices TRUST ME!

I have done many posts on how to find great fashion pieces on a budget and I feel it is possible to be just a fabulous and have great quality clothing for less. Does that mean we should stop complaining...NOPE. We want what we want and if you want a particular brand to carry some of their clothing at a lower cost it is only right that you let them now. Business owners love feedback on their product, so don't allow opinions of others to sway or mute yours.

So that is why I say it's ok ladies, let your voices be heard and continue to speak your mind!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Maximize Your Closet Space

I will be moving this May and I couldn't be happier. I will be moving into a townhouse and will have sooo much more space EXCEPT for my closet. Now I will be getting a walk-in closet, however, I will have to share my closet. The apartment I'm in now I have the whole closet to myself which allowed me to acquire a enormous amount of clothing and shoes. I am definitely not happy to share my closet *major side eye as I type this* but I want to be fair LOL. Being that I will know have less closet space I have to utilize space saving tools to get the most out of my side.

I want to share with you the things I will be using to maximize my closet space so you can maximize your space if you need a little help doing so. Once I move and get my side of the closet in order I will make a video about it to show you. Everything below I found at Target, but I will shop around to find the lowest price to save some money.

P.S. I will also do a closet audit before I move to limit the amount of clothing and shoes I bring with me. That is a great way to start when you want to organize your closet.

For the top of your closet....

Use bins like below to keep items organized and in place to save space and avoid unnecessary messiness.
Room Essentials: Large Tapered Basket $14.99
Badger Basket: Folding Basket $11.99

To expand the amount of clothes you hang up....

Rod doublers are the best. The allow you to have a second clothing rod for more clothing to hang up. Hanging organizers also allow you to put more clothing in the closet that would take up space elsewhere.

Honey-Can-Do: Adjustable Closet Rod $19.99
6 Shelf Organizer $18.99

Where am I going to put my shoes???????

Ok so if you are a shoe fanatic like me you have to think long and hard about where you will put your shoes. The first option is a shoe rack. Usually a basic shoe rack will do just fine for most. I have decided to get bookcases for my shoes. I have too many for a regular shoe rack. Whatever the shoe amount there is always a solution

Seville Classics: 3 Tier Shoe Rack $28.49
Room Essentials: 5 Shelf Bookcase $32.99
I hope this helps you get your closet in order. I will share my finished result after everything is completed.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A little Flower Power

If you would have bought me some pants with a print on them a few years ago, they would have collected dust in the closet. Now a days that's one of the first features I look for. It's amazing how with age and revolving trends that something that used be a big no no is now a big yes! I am guilty of wearing things now I wouldn't be caught dead in 5 years ago. ASOS is a great place for printed pants and I recently racked up on pants and the pants below are one of them. Since the pants are so busy, I kept everything else simple...

Sweater: Forever21
Shoes: Nine West
Necklaces: My Boutique

Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Essentials

Spring is just around the corner (it starts in 3 days) and by now you should start to rack up on some essential items that can go with any outfit.
  • Tanks & Tees: You should always have a supply of tanks and tees for all occasions. They are so convenient.
  • Scarves: Being that scarves are a new go to accessory, you should keep a few handy.
  • Blazers & Other Jackets: Time to put away the parka and pull out the slimmer and more convenient outwear.
  • Sandals and Spring Inspired Shoes: Colorful shoes and sandals are a spring must.
  • Bright Lipstick: Enough of the fall colors, lets bring out those pinks, oranges and etc.
  • Nail Polish: Just like lipsticks, time for bright colored nail polish.
I'm so over winter and I am pretty sure you are too. So join me as I prepare to bring a little more color into my life. Here's to bringing in Spring colorfully!!!!!
Spring Essentials

The Spring 2014 Isabel Toledo Collection With Lane Bryant Launches Today

I first spoke with you guys about the collaboration when news broke and now the collection is finally here. The Spring 2014 collection launches today online and in select stores. Here a few of my favorites....

Pictures are from

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Lipstick You May be Sleeping On

I am a drug store make up maven. I rarely buy make from other places, simply because I don't wear makeup enough to invest tons of money into it. For me it would be a waist buying items as expensive as MAC or Urban Decay on a regular basis. Not to mention I don't have that kind of budget.

A few months ago, I ordered a pair of shoes and in the box there was a full size sample of Mary Kay's True Dimensions Lipstick. I didn't know if I would wear it or even like it but I tried it and I am in love. I don't think a lot of younger women are hip to Mary Kay. Mary Kay has been around for decades and it is usually older women who are selling these products, but I am here to tell you their lipsticks are the bomb!

I am truly a fan! Their lipsticks are on the expensive side but I buy them periodically and wear them often. I will forever be a drug store makeup maven, but I will dabble a little bit. Check out a few of my faves.

Some of My Fav Mary Kay Lipsticks

Monday, March 3, 2014

You're Invited...

Be Swimsuit Ready at Any Size

Now is the time to start shopping swimsuits. Many clothing companies have been releasing their summer swimsuit collections and I have not found one I have not liked yet. I used to hate swimsuits but now I adore them. It was a journey to get comfortable in a swimsuit and I am sure it is many of you who are not ready to show it all. Here are a few designs that has different features to help you along your journey.

For the shy but bold woman. This peek-a-boo swimsuit provides extra coverage for those that may want to keep any insecurities they have about their stomachs, waist or hips covered up. It also has full coverage for the bust. With no cover-up needed this yellow swimsuit screams fun. When I was first understanding and learning about and excepting my plus size figure, this is the suit I would have worn. I used to hide under shorts or big t-shirts. Some times even not get into the water. Its all about taking baby steps. This would be the first step to stepping out of your comfort zone and wearing a swimsuit. If you are still a little uneasy about going to the beach or pool in a swimsuit, this may be the perfect one for you.  (swimsuit is by Roaman's (

For the flirty and fun woman. Enjoy a nice pattern with this peacock halter tankini. The rouched top hides any imperfections in the mid area and pull in the stomach in the right places. It also provides full coverage for the bust. Wearing patterns, I consider as step 2. People avoid patters because they don't want to draw attention to themselves. If you like a pattern don't be scared to wear it. As long as the suit is flattering to your body, enjoy it. With matching bottoms, your bound to have a good time with this swimsuit. (swimsuit by Avenue (

 For the sexy and cool woman. All eyes on you with this suit. This halter swimsuit has tummy tuck lining and ties at the hips to adjust for the perfect fit. The fringe also is a great feature to hide the stomach area. Step 3 is spicing it up a bit. Try out different styles. If your not doing any major swimming the water, why not get a little creative with the swimsuit. If you want to play it cool but keep it sexy this is for you. Swimsuit by Monif C (

 For the confident and in charge woman. This high waist bikini was made especially for plus size women. It has tummy tuck lining and adjustable ties. There is also full coverage for the bust. Now this swimsuit will not look good on every plus size woman. For those that can wear this, it definitely makes a statement that bikinis are not just for skinny girls. This is my favorite because there are women that have bellies and want a hot two piece suit but cant find one. I encourage any woman to give this suit a chance and show how confident and sexy you can be. Swimsuit by Monif C (