Thursday, January 31, 2013

They Sell Plus Size but Not in The Store

I love to shop and I know many of you do too. One thing I know we all hate is that most stores only carry small sizes in the store and refer you to their online site to buy plus sizes. How annoying is that. I remember times when I was a teenager shopping with my friends and I usually had to watch them buy things. Not because I didn't have money but because they didn't carry my size. It was tough back then and most times I would avoid shopping with my friends.

I don't understand why stores who has a plus size line won't put it in their store. They will get so much more traffic and sales. I personally don't like to shop online unless its shoes or accessories. I like to try on clothes before I buy. Having the right fit is very important to me and I don't want to deal with returning things. Some stores have moved in their plus size line like Forever21, but that's not enough.

I find it hurtful to plus size women to make us go online to buy your product. We are good enough to spend our money on your things but not good enough to buy it in the store. Do they feel we will scare smaller size women away if we shop there too???? I doubt we will every get the answer but we must demand more of clothing stores. I refuse to only shop online for my clothes. The more we let the owners know how we feel the closer we can get to all plus size lines being in the stores.

Peace & Love

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Look of The Week

I love days when I don't have to be worried about being dolled up. The winter is the best time to take advantage of smaller heels and comfier clothes. That doesn't mean you don't continue to look fierce. You can always be fierce and sexy but toned down. Especially on these cold winter days its good to dress down a bit but stay cute. How are you feeling about this look????
Cowl Neck Pullover Sweater from Avenue at $19.96
Double-Buttoned Slim Jeans from Old Navy at $14.97
Gore Heeled Bootie from Dots at $13.00

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sex and Your Body

I am very confident with my body, but when it's time to get down with the get down I find myself sometimes a little insecure about my body (like many of you). Do I let that get in the way of love...absolutely not. I find that the men I have dated embraces my body and makes me feel beyond comfortable. I know for some women it is very hard to get completely naked especially in front of a man. I want to share some do's and dont's when it comes to being intimate so you can be more comfortable having sexy time as I call it lol.

  1. BE CONFIDENT even if your not or fake it till you make it lol. Nothing is more sexier than a confident woman.
  2. Get completely naked. No one wants to have the hassle of readjusting your clothes when your in the zone.
  3. Try new things and positions. Explore new things to keep your love life hot and spicy.
  4. Its ok to laugh at yourself or at things that may happen.
  5. HAVE FUN. Sex can be very fun and enjoyable if you allow it to be.
  1. DO NOT talk about how you hate your body. It will totally kill the mood and put your insecurities on full blast.
  2. Don't do anything you are uncomfortable doing. It can end in a bad night if you are doing things that make you uncomfortable.
  3. Don't make him do all the work. You both should put in equal effort to make the night special.
  4. Don't hide your body. Don't be afraid for him to see all your curves, rolls, cellulite and etc. If he is with you he most likely doesn't care about your rolls.
  5. DON'T PUSH HIM AWAY. Don't allow your insecurities to push him away. You deserve to be loved so embrace it.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Plus Size Women and Social Internet Sites

There has been many things coming out recently about the dangers of online dating and other internet scams. The MTV show "Catfish" has became one of MTV's best rated shows. I can remember when sites like "MySpace" and "Facebook" first came out. Back then you didn't have to worry so much about people deceiving you for their gain. Now it is VERY dangerous at times to connect with someone you don't know from the internet. I see a lot of things going on with men singling out plus size women for personal gain and plus size women lying about who they are to get attention from men.

I think men and women who lie are insecure, selfish and down right trifling for this. Women who fall victim to the lies men tell need to wise up. There are always red flags that goes up but these women tend to ignore them because they want to make themselves believe that man is genuine. Sorry ladies but you have to be very cautious and smart if you want to find love online. Now there is nothing wrong with finding love online and it can have the same out come as meeting someone in person but when online the person can lie a bit more.

Plus size women need to embrace who they are when they want to meet people online. You can't hold onto a lie about what you look like if you really want to meet and be with this person. That man is liking or loving the picture of who you are and if the picture isn't you, your setting yourself up to be hurt. You have to be yourself because you want that man to fall in love with you and not someone else. Also, you DO NOT have to post pictures or your breast, butt, be in lingerie or any other type of extreme thing to get attention from men. There are men who prefer to date plus size women and they will come to you. All you have to flaunt is your confidence, that is more sexy than your breast in every photo.

Ladies be who you are and don't fall for the lies. You will find true love whether its from the internet or in person.

Peace & Love

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday From Me to You

I'm hoping that all of you are feeling beautiful today. I know everyday we all go through different things and our struggles can be different, but I am here for you. I think to myself all the time about how I hope I am at least helping one person get through their body image troubles. My mission is to help as many women and teens girls as I can to build their confidence and self esteem.

You are worth far more than your weight. You are worth more than the clothes you wear or the friends you have. You deserve to be loved and respected. I find a lot of women are afraid to stand up for what they believe and not take any crap from anyone. Some are afraid that they will lose friends or their significant other if they stick to certain standards.

Well I'm here to say if your friends or significant other cant respect your wishes then they were not true to your relationship. You don't always have to agree on everything. What you may see as ok they may think other wise and that is ok. The most important part is that you can look beyond your differences. One thing I also want women to understand is that you do not have to lower your standards to be in a relationship. A man will love you flaws and all and give you the respect you deserve but you have to demand it.

Love yourself ladies. No one will love you like you love yourself.

Peace & Love

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Look of The Week

I don't know about you but this cold weather is making me want to be cuddled up on the couch with some hot cocoa. Since we can't all stay home and stay warm I want to bring a simple but cute look. With all this snow (for some of us) we have to put certain clothes and shoes away. Even though we have to wear coats; when its time to take it off you can still be stylish. How are feeling this look???
Pastel color Jeggings from Debs at $19.99
Embroidered Crochet Sweater also from Debs at $26.50
Stacked Heel Lace-Up Boots from Forever21 at $34.80

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How Are You Handling Stress???

So yesterday was a hectic day for me. I almost ran out of gas trying to get my daughter to the doctor. I got gas and made it to the doctors to find out she was on the verge of having pneumonia. I also was starving because due to taking my daughter to the doctors and needing gas I couldn't eat at my scheduled time. I was so frazzled by the time we left the doctors all I wanted to do was eat, eat and eat some more.

I went back and forth about what I should eat and shouldn't eat. Since I am trying to eat healthy I knew that's what I needed to do but that's what I couldn't do. I had to get to a class I am taking and I didn't have time to stop at home. Soooooooo I ate HORRIBLY. I got chips and cookies and ended up eating a bit of food the class provided. By the time I got home I felt TERRIBLE. I hated the fact that I was doing very good all day and I let my stress get the best of me.

But you know what.....IT HAPPENS. It is not the end of the world and I know today is a new day to start fresh. I don't have to continue to make poor choices. With that being said, how are you handling your stress??? I know there are many of you that eat your feelings and I know it is very hard to stop but we must take it one day at a time.

Do I always binge eat when I'm stressed??...No, but it happens. We must remember that it is ok to have a bad day and beating yourself up will not make things better. Just calm down and start fresh. Take handling your stress one day at a time. Learn what are your triggers and work on them. It may take some trial and error but you will get to a place when you can be in a tough situation without turning to food. Everyday is a day to make better choices.

Peace & Love

Monday, January 14, 2013

What Example Are You Setting???

Do you know that everything you do children pick up on it and usually follow in your foot steps. How would you feel if your child developed the same eating habits or body hatred that you have???? Will you be ok knowing that your child is going through the same issues you have??? It has nothing to do with not wanting your kids to be over weight, but in the chance they are what will you be teaching them????

Many people who are over weight do not want their children to be. They don't want their children to go through what they did and that is excellent, but your actions may lead to just that. When you have a negative body image it is not easy to cover it up. Especially if you are depressed about it. One way people cope with it is eating poorly and when you walk around hating your body and eating poorly guess who is learning from you......your child.

We never want our children to become depressed or have a negative body image regardless of size. Even if your child isn't over weight you still have to teach them about having a positive body image. Body image is important for a happy life. No matter what your child goes through when you are not around you have to instill the values of positive body image. Outside influences have more control over children these days than parents do. You have to make sure your child knows what is reality and what is not.

If you only have negative thoughts about yourself you will not be able to correctly teach your child. Work through your issues and get to your happy place so you can then pass what you've learned to your children. Loving your body will teach your child to loves theirs as well.

Peace & Love

Friday, January 11, 2013

End The War with Your Body

So I came across something really cool on a website I frequent. I want all of you to make this peace agreement with your body. Lets end the war on your body and embrace it.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

When You Assume....You Make an (You Know The Rest)

As I am networking more for Size Fabulous I find myself having the same conversation with people. At first they listen to what everything Size Fabulous about and then comes the never ending question. This is what most people ask "Not to be mean but can't plus size women eat healthy and exercise to lose a little weight".........SMH. I have no problem answering this question but it is becoming a bit annoying and here's why.

First of all I promote living a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of size, weight, and a want or need to lose weight Size Fabulous is all about helping build confidence and self esteem. We in no way will pressure people to lose weight. That is not what we are about. If they want to lose weight that is excellent but if they don't want to lose weight that is their decision. I find a lot of people say that can't agree with what I am doing because they think it will make women not want to lose weight and that is their choice.

Second I don't think people truly understand our mission. We don't go around advertising how fun it is to eat bad things or be unhealthy; It's the total opposite. I believe all they see is a big woman and assume. They assume you are unhealthy, you don't exercise and you don't care. I have met more plus size women that are health conscious than not. People need to gain a better understanding of what not only Size Fabulous is about but what other size acceptance businesses are about.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and we don't always have to agree. I just ask that you don't assume because when you assume you make and ass of yourself. I know I will be asked this question many more times and I will definitely explain my mission. It's actually a good thing because the more people I explain it to the more will understand. Don't be afraid to explain your purpose.

Peace & Love

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Are You Really Accepting Your Body if You Want to Lose Weight???

So I follow this group on Facebook and yesterday one of the administrators wrote a long post about how they are all about people accepting their body but you don't really accept your body if you want to lose weight. Just about all the replies were people disagreeing with them. I am one of those people who disagreed.

First I am all about everyone loving their body at any size. I feel size acceptance is important and we must promote that. However, we can not ignore the fact the some people need to or want to lose weight. Who are we to judge what people feel is best for them. Now I don't not encourage people to lose weight for the wrong reasons or to be unhealthy. It is all about loving your body, yourself and living a healthy life style. You don't have to be a size 2 to be healthy.

Secondly when we love our bodies we want to treat our bodies right. We may decide that it would be best to lose some weight or get to a healthier weight. That doesn't mean we don't like our bodies that means that we do love our bodies enough to admit when we need to make a change. I love every inch of me but I am also in the process of getting to a smaller size. Do I want to be skinny?? Absolutely not. I don't have a exact weight or size I want to be but I do know I want to lose weight.

We can all promote size acceptance but we cannot tell people they are wrong if they do something you don't agree with. Everyone knows what is best for them. So love your body and make changes as you see fit. You are the only one that can make you happy.

Peace & Love

Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday From Me To You

With the new year finally here I'm pretty sure most of you made a few new year resolutions. I am not really in to new year resolutions but that's just me. I am hoping that you all keep all of your resolutions and make 2013 your year.

Stay focused, be determined, find your motivation and don't let others deter you from your goals. Nothing comes without hard work and instant gratification doesn't last long, that's why it's called instant. Learning to love your body at any size should be high on your priorities. The thoughts you have of your body not only affects your self esteem and confidence but it can cause a counter affect on other aspects of your life.

If you want to change something then do it but thinking about it constantly with no action taken will not create change. You have to take the necessary steps to get to a happier you. Only you can do it, no one can change your self image but you. No matter how much weight you loose, how many surgeries you have or how depressed you get; if you don't work on your inner self and thoughts you wont see the results you want.

Loving yourself at any size will make your life that more fulfilling. The possibilities are endless, so being that's its the new year lets get thing rolling. Like I always say EMBRACE YOUR BODY, BE YOU AND BE FABULOUS.

Peace & Love

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Weight Loss Tips for Best Results

I know majority of America made a new year resolution to lose weight and get in shape. Many people end up falling off after a few weeks or months but that doesn't have to be you. If you want to change your life by getting healthier and lose weight you have to make a life style change. Go into it with a clear mind, motivation and a willingness to give up certain foods. These tips below can help you loose weight and keep it off.

  1. WATER, WATER, WATER....water is very important for weight loss. You must drink at least 8 cups but preferably more. If you hate water try things like crystal light it will give you great flavor so you will drink more. Water also helps with the elasticity in your skin, cleans out your system and helps you get fuller faster.
  2. Try to eat the least amount of processed foods as possible. Processed foods are mostly empty calories and usually will make you hungry not to long after eating it. Try shopping on just the outer part of the grocery store. The isle in the middle are mainly filled with processed foods.
  3. Eat lean meats, vegetables and fruit. Everyone knows you should eat vegetables and fruit, but you have to make sure you are eating more. Half of your plate should be vegetables. Your meat should be lean meat. Turkey, chicken, fish should be your meat of choice. Red meat is ok in moderation but should be avoided.
  4. Portion control is very important too. You want to make sure your not eating more than you should.Read serving sizes to make sure you are eating the correct amount. Also get smaller plates if you have to and chewing slowly also helps. It takes about 20 minutes for the body to know that it is full so eating slowly will help you know when you are full before you eat to much.
  5. Exercise is very important. Doing at least 30 minutes of exercise a day has many benefits. Not only does it help you loose weight but it can help your heart and etc. You don't have to kill yourself in the gym. Take your time and don't give up.
  6. BE PATIENT!!!!!!! you will not see results right away but don't get discouraged. Slow progress is still progress and if you are committed to a healthy life style than you will be ok with taking things slow. Also when losing weight very fast you may end up with things like high amounts of excess skin. Losing weight slowly give the elasticity in your skin to catch up with your weight loss.
  7. LOVE YOUR BODY AT ANY WEIGHT. Loving your body at any weight will help you stay focused and do the right things to lose weight.

Hope these tips help :)

Peace & Love

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Look of The Week

It is not the time to be wearing short sleeves and open toe shoes. Especially in the northern states. So lets make winter fun with new, hot and funky looks. So bring on the long sleeves and mid rise and higher boots. I'm loving prints as many of you are and jean shirts are making statements as well. How do you feel about this look. HOT OR NOT????

Jean Shirt from Rainbow at $24.99
Floral Print Jeans from Rainbow at $34.99
Mid Rise Studded Combat Boots from Go Jane at $38.20