Friday, August 31, 2012

Fat People Need To Go To The Doctor Too!!!!!!

As you might know, I am fat. I also deserve health care.

As some of you may have noticed, I’m really rather fat. I mention it only because it’s relevant — it has a significant impact on my life; people treat me differently because I am fat. Or, in some cases, refuse to treat me. Which is what happened recently to Ida Davidson, who was turned away from her new primary care physician. The stated reason? Ida Davidson weighs too much for the doctor’s office to accommodate her.

In fact, Dr. Helen Carter of Shrewsbury, MA (if you were curious and wanted a name to add to the list of Doctors To Avoid) claims that her office has seen three consecutive injuries from trying to provide care for people weighing over 250 pounds.

That’s injuries to patients, by the way. Fat people who go to her office tend to get hurt.
Going to the doctor is already fraught for many fat people. And a lot of fat people just don’t go. As a group, we’re more prone to avoid medical treatment for fear of shaming. People yammer on about how we should lose weight for our health but then create an atmosphere where we really actually are afraid to participate in health care. Because that’s logic, right?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

How Do You Define Beauty?


Another day, another Beyoncè cover, except this time the songstress has been voted PEOPLE magazine’s most beautiful woman in the world.

Not the first time Beyoncè has been on a most beautiful list and certainly not the first time for a celebrity, but what exactly does it take to be the most beautiful woman in the world?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Look of the Week

How can you not love this look. It's simply but still makes a statement.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Project Runway's Bashed Plus Size Client Terri Herlihy Speaks Up


I have been truly overwhelmed by the events of the last few days. As you probably already know, I had agreed to be a participant in the “Fix my Friend” competition for Project Runway. I anticipated a pampering experience wherein I would receive a makeover and have a new look designed just for me. Instead, I was humiliated and degraded for being a “plus size” contestant.

Are Thin Models Going Out of Style?



We’ve been dealing with the concept of fashion magazines airbrushing models to look thinner and prettier for years, but just when we thought that it was out of control, we find out that apparently, thin isn’t in—at least like it used to be.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday's From Me to You

How are you doing ladies,

How have you been doing on your journey to a healthier you? Are you struggling with anything? Are you at the top of the world and going full speed head? Whatever you are doing just know that even small progress is still progress. You may not be where you want to be but you are not where you used to be.

Fat Girl = Easy

So I have an Instagram account (sn: Size Fabulous) and I did a search with hastags #plussize, #curvy, #fullfigured and etc. I found a variety of nice looking full figured women, but the majority of pics were half naked or fully nude pictures of plus size women. Why would anyone skinny or fat degrade themselves in that manor for attention. Do they feel that being a big girl that doesn't show her goods will give her less play?????

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday From Me To You

Happy Friday My Fellow Fabulous Ones,

How has your week been? I'm hoping you have been having a fabulous week. I have been giving a lot of thought about how I have revamped myself. I've made a few changes in my life and I am way more happy than before.

That's what I want to talk about today. Are you in need of a life make over??????? Things that are done exactly the same everyday or in every situation can become boring and depressing. Changing certain things and aspects in your life can help you become happier, more confident and build your self esteem. Every few years its good to go through and clean house in your life.

Every Woman Should Have a Love Affair with Lingerie

Just as important as your makeup and even the clothes itself, what you wear underneath play an equally important role as well. No need to wait until Valentine’s Day or your man’s birthday to turn on the sex appeal with lingerie, keep it spicy at all times. Single? Not a problem. Who says you have to be in a relationship to keep your unmentionables sexy? It doesn’t matter what size, shape or insecurities have kept you from adorning yourself with fabulous lingerie, you should be tempted by at least one of these styles.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Story Not to Miss: A Fat Woman and a Thin Woman


Sandra and Pauline are room mates. They share the same fridge and eat a lot of junk food. Sandra is fat and Pauline is size 10 and never puts on weight. Sandra, who's spent most of her life on and off diets, dreams about being as slim as Pauline and plans another diet. Pauline reads Grazia magazine and, while she knows she's not unhealthily fat, she also wants to lose weight and is a serial dieter. Both women promise each other they'll go on a diet on Monday, but like the other 98 people out of 100 who diet, it's not long before they're both back on a junk food binge.

Meanwhile, at the Houses of Parliament offices, Stephen, a friend of Sandra and Pauline and a web page editor, is updating the statistics on the Department of Health web page titledHealth risk and costs of obesity. Stephen types:
"Around 58% of type 2 diabetes, 21% of heart disease and between 8% and 42% of certain cancers are attributable to excess body fat."
Stephen feels good about educating the public on the dangers of obesity but he's worried about his fat friend Sandra, so he phones Pauline and they decide to warn her together about her risk of obesity-related disease.

When he goes round to visit Sandra and Pauline for beers and KFC at the weekend, he and Pauline gently persuade Sandra to lose weight. Sandra cries but sees that her friends care about her and says she'll try her best. Pauline isn't fat, so she doesn't consider her health at risk, but as she'd like to be a size smaller she promises Sandra she'll help her by dieting with her.

At this point, we zoom into a CSI-type reconstruction of inside Pauline's body as she persuades her friend to lose weight. The web of fatty tissue stored inside her is at a dangerously high level and it's been spilling into her bloodstream, damaging her organs. Sandra's fat is stored under her skin and so while her continual eating of junk food means she's moving towards possible disease, the way she stores fat away from her organs, means the threat of illness is less immediate than it is for thin Pauline.

At this stage, however, both women are at risk of disease. Their diets, as usual, fail. A year later and Sandra has moved out. She got in with a crowd of body image activists, adopting a healthy lifestyle. She finds the more she develops confidence in herself as she is, no longer waiting to lose weight before she lives her life, the less she's drawn to bingeing on junk food. She eats much more intuitively, and swims daily. She lost a bit of weight, but not much.Every time her new lifestyle causes weight loss she starts getting obsessed with losing more, then she starts counting up how many calories she's had over the week and plans to eat the same again next week, calculating another 3lb loss - and pretty soon she finds herself back into dieting, which always ends up in a binge.

Sandra works out that the less focus she puts on losing weight the healthier she behaves. So she's thrown out her bathroom scales. She's found dieting to be the biggest risk to her health and hardest thing to stop! Pauline, however, continues trying to reach her size 8 goal, as seen in Grazia, even though, like the other 98% of people on the same track, she keeps on failing and her junk food bingeing is worse than ever. She recently fell ill and found she has type 2 diabetes.

Pauline's illness worried Sandra, so she went for a check up. Her doctor is perplexed: even though she's obese, all of her medical tests show she's perfectly healthy and at no risk at all of any of the diseases normally associated with being fat.

Now only one of these women is at risk of 'obesity related disease' and it's not the fat one.

So where is Pauline in the Department of Health Statistics? Is Pauline in the other 42% of type 2 diabetes, 79% of heart disease and between 58% and 92% of certain cancers NOT attributable to excess body fat? And why are the Sandras of the world, the fat and fit, lumped in with the fat and unfit?

Millions of Sandras and Paulines exist. They show that obesity related illnesses are not related to obesity at all but to lifestyle and more specifically to pressure to be thin and dieting! So why is our Government advising us that obesity causes disease and advising weight loss and dieting, the real causes of these diseases?

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"Fat" Black Women Are To Confident Which is Keeping Them Fat?????

So lately I have been hearing this and it is just crazy to me. So many things comes across my mind when I hear statements like this. I recently read a blog on this issue and I wanted to give my response on this subject as well.

How can any fat or skinny woman have to much confidence? That's whats so crazy to me. Are they saying because your fat you should not have the same confidence as a skinny girl because you will stay fat and unhealthy???? As if having no confidence or self esteem will make you lose weight and become healthier. People should always be encouraged to love themselves but still make healthier lifestyle choices.

Black women bodies are and has always been more curvaceous and full figured. So we embrace that!! Our race is known for big butts, large breast and wide hips. Even though any woman that is over weight usually receives the same criticism, black women are more forgiving in regards to certain areas of the body. We love to have a nice size butt, breast and hips. Does this make us wrong and unhealthy for wanting to keep them? Is this the reason we are trying to stay big??? Absolutely not!!!!!

Our confidence has no effect on our weight. Our weight can have an effect on our confidence. Whats wrong with loving your body at your size. Some women don't feel like they need to lose weight while they live a healthy lifestyle. I live a healthy lifestyle for the most part, eating very limited proceed foods and getting about a half hour of exercise in everyday and I am still a bigger women with tons of confidence.

When will people stop putting stereotypes on races and people in general? This opinion on "Fat" black women is just that, It's an opinion not the truth and yet it's put out there like its a fact. Statement like these are to be ignored. If they have never lived a day in your shoes never take something like this to heart. You know and will do what is right for you and your body. I know I am. The ignorance of the world is just sad and that is something we should not have to involve ourselves in.

Never lose your confidence ladies. Whether you are a size 2 or 22 confidence is key. I do encourage you all to live a healthy life style but in the way you feel is best for you and if you feel you are fine at the size you are that is totally ok to.

As always I am here for support and questions.

Peace & Love

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Get Over It! Fat People Have Sex...Lots of It...and It's Great!

I don’t know a single fat woman who hasn’t been told that she needs to lose weight because, as Rebecca’s grandmother told her, otherwise “no man will ever love you.” Setting aside the heterosexism of assuming that your fat daughter wants a man, it is a little alarming that we tell children, who are sometimes barely old enough to understand what love and sex are, that nobody will ever want them. Doesn’t anybody realize the irreparable damage it could cause…or how false that statement even is?

Rebecca Jane Weinstein sets it straight with her new book, Fat Sex: The Naked Truth. She mentions the apparent urban legend that says fat women are better in bed. I didn’t know this previously but as fat urban legends go, I’m not gonna lie, I’m a fan of this one! She also offers the truth -- which is that lots of fat people have lots of great sex. Fat people have sex with partners of all sizes who are able to get past their bigotry of fat bodies (sometimes including their own) and enjoy their supple lovers in all their glory. But getting there is no easy task.

Our culture tells fat people to hate our bodies. Then it tells everyone else that fat bodies are not only hideous but also a sign of laziness and illness. It tells us that fat is the cause of everything bad. You barely see our whole bodies in the media -- we are “headless fatties” that are not only unsexy but dehumanized through the removal of our faces. How are you supposed to have a night of crazy hot sex when you have always been taught to hate one or both of your bodies.

And it’s not just fat women who suffer! I know women of all sizes who barely notice the sex they are having because they are so busy trying to suck in their stomachs, hide their thighs and keep their partners’ hands off any of their (non-boob) squishy bits.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

How much more awesome will the sex be when we can get over our single standard of culturally stereotypical beauty and celebrate the simple fact that bodies of all shapes and sizes are amazing, beautiful and sexy.

Yes, fat people can have sex too. Grrrrrrreat sex! Accept it. Get over it.

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Look of The Week

These are some of the things that I have been in love with lately. This outfit can go from day to night and matching different colors with patterns has been what's hot this summer.

The sheer animal print top is from Torrid at $38.50

The pink shorts are also from Torrid at $19.99

The shoes (which I absolutely love) are from Go Jane at $37.95

The Bracelet is from Go Jane $17.30

The earring are also from Go Jane at $10.40

You can find these items and many others at and

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Project “Renew You”: Six Strategies for Total Renewal

Recognize that to live a passionate life, you must attend to all of your needs, not just one or two. Energy in one area (emotional) powers energy in another (physical), and so on and so forth. Taken from Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman ( by Vickie Milazzo, here are six strategies for pulling it all together.

1. Set renewal goals. You are just as important as your career and family, so plan your renewal as you would a work project or family vacation. Milazzo includes in her renewal goals everything from maintaining a daily fitness regimen to destinations she’d like to travel to. Regularly assess and update your own renewal plan.

2. Start small and do one thing at a time. Enjoy five minutes of quiet, then ten. Add one vegetable a day, then eat two. Turn off the television for one hour, then two. Eliminate one fast-food trip a week, then eliminate two. Cut out one trip a day to the office candy bowl, then two, then three, and you’ll lose seven pounds a year. It takes 60 days to turn your lifestyle change into a habit.

3. Banish all excuses. Milazzo knows a woman who works 70 hours a week, and her excuse for not getting away for a weekend is that she’s too spent when the weekend comes. Yet a relaxing weekend away is probably the perfect rejuvenation prescription for her! Renewal often takes a little time and effort, but a wicked career and success are nothing without a renewed spirit.

4. Accept wherever you are in your life now and start from there. Know that you can always start fresh. Wherever you are in life, there was “before” and there is “now.” Maybe you haven’t exercised in three years or thirty. Start now—and forget before.

5. Take a day off from discipline. French fries in place of one serving of broccoli won’t kill you, but unrelenting discipline will make you wish you were dead. Indulge yourself every once in awhile—and pass the ketchup!

6. Create female fusion. Have you ever gotten together with female friends, relatives, or colleagues and come away spinning with energy, motivation, and ideas? That’s the power of female fusion: when women bond over a shared interest, task, or goal, they create sparks of insight and brilliance that they could never have generated alone. When you are connected to other women who complement, understand, and care about you, you will feel nurtured, empowered, inspired, and fired up! All facets of your vitality will feel supercharged.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Wellness Check

Hows it going ladies?????

I have been doing really good lately. Continuing with the same regimen as before. This wellness check will be a bit short as nothing has really changed in my process.

My eating is still on track. I am making sure I continue to eat healthy. I have had a sore throat for the past couple of days which has led me to eat less. Hopefully It will get better soon. On a positive note I have been trying out new recipes. I don't want to get bored and I sure have been enjoying it. Everything I have made has tasted excellent. I get so excited by the success of a new meal.

I have slacked off on exercising but it will definitely be back on track starting tonight. I have to make sure that even if I don't feel like working out I will do at least 30 minutes. Zumba is still my main method of exercise right now.

Everything is still a working process and I am still motivated to make changes in my life. I hope you guys are still going hard in your journey and don't let obstacles stop you.

Again I'm here for support or any questions.

Peace & Love

Simple Tips To Feel Sexy and Confident

Happy Monday Lovelies!!!!!!!

I am feeling super sexy today. Actually I've been feeling super sexy since Saturday. I have been putting more effort into my appearance and I feel amazing. I do a lot of running around in the morning to get my three daughters and myself out the door. Now I am making more time for myself. We cannot forget about ourselves ladies. We constantly put ourselves on the back burner to make sure everyone else is ok. Here's a few things I've done to spruce things up a bit.


Make sure you wear clothes that make me feel good. You should feel sexy even if it is just jeans and a t-shirt. Try adding different accessories. You don't have to buy a new wardrobe just add things to what you already have.

Make Up

If you never wear make up start off slow. Do a colored lip gloss and gradually add other items. I am very new to make up and I am already in love with it. I only do my eyes and lips (I don't feel I need foundation). When I wear make up I cant stop looking in the mirror lol.


Try a different hair style than you always wear and you don't have to go to a salon to get a new do. Usually I keep my hair straight, but lately I have been rocking curls. After I permed my hair I put it in rollers to get an initial curl going. Now I do pin curls every night to keep my curls.


Keep your nails looking nice. You dont have to go to a nail salon to have nice nails. I have fallen in love with nail polish. I make sure I paint my nails (fingers and toes). I also love to play around with my designs.

All of these things have me walking out the door feeling like a million bucks. I can't stop smiling and the compliments I have been recieving has been amazing. These are simple things you can do to put a little pep in your step. Trying different things can bring out the best in you. Start slowly if you are hesitant. You never know it might give you the confidence you never had.

Hope these tips help!!!!

Peace & Love

Confidence, Sex, and the Plus Size Woman pt.3

You learned so many sexy and curvy girl bedroom enhancing secrets. I hope that by now your love life and confidence is soaring (or talking off)! I hope you feel like a rock star that can take over the world. Or at least take over the bedroom. The tips in part 1 and part 2 of this series were meant to help you let go of your inhibitions and embrace your inner foxiness.

With part three, I wanted to give you a few tips on communicating your wants and needs to your partner. You have the curves, you have the skills and now you need to communicate what you want and how you want it. Remember ladies it takes two to tango. The tango is the forbidden dance of love and you must learn to never skip a beat and stay in sync. Thus you must learn to communicate!

  • The first thing you need to do is talk about the do’s and don’ts in the bedroom. Get ready to have your partner rock your world! They love your body, loves you and you most certainly feel the same way. There should be no secrets and no shyness. Talk about your fantasies and what you really want to see and feel. Be honest and don’t be afraid. They may feel the same way and even if they do not, they know exactly what to stay away from.

  • The next thing you need to do is if you are trying new things, is to have code words. Sometimes stepping out of the box can be soooo much fun and liberating but it can also feel a little awkward. It may even be the first time for both of you. Code words like yellow for slow down or red for stop will allow both of you to feel comfortable, in control and know that when things need to be brought down a notch or come to an end they will.

  • Another key thing you must do as a couple, is not to compare yourself. What happens in your bedroom stays in your bedroom. I know how tempting it may be to kiss and tell but DON’T! Why does your bestie need to know what you did with your honey in the bedroom? You don’t want her knowing those personal details and you definitely don’t want to hear hers. You don’t want to compare notes. Different couples make love differently.

By now you should have a wealth of sexy do’s and don’ts, how to’s, and are ready to dive into a special love fest with your partner. In order to be a curvy and confident woman, you must know and love your body and learn to communicate with your partner. When you have all of these things down there is nothing left but to make love and be happy!

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday's From Me to You

Cheers to the freaking weekend Ladies,

Life is always a revolving door. Somethings and people come and go but always remain true to yourself. Through life curve balls will come your way all the time and situations you though would never happen are now happening. Is your blissful relationship over??? Are you and your best friend now enemies??? Are you depressed but remembered how you was always the fun and bubbly one??? We have to remember that through it all we have to never lose ourselves or get involved in a situation that is not beneficial to the betterment of your life.

I have been thinking a lot lately of the friends I had from middle school to about a couple years ago. We were tight I considered them my best friends and it was always the four of us. As of now I speak to none of them. Crazy right!!! Wondering what happened???? Well life changed things. I settled down and started to have children. Settling down and then having children changes everything in your life and my friends just didn't understand that I couldn't be a party girl anymore. Looking back on it I can see that a true friend wouldn't put there friend on the back burner because she decided to settle down. I know now it was definitely for the better.

As mentioned before I am newly single and I want to touch on that as well. I have spent a good amount of years loving someone and we went through a lot. I just feel we have out grown each other. I was no longer happy. He wasn't the man I wanted him to be and I couldn't see spending the rest of our lives together even though we do have children together. Your views on your relationship when you are young should be very different when you get older. That was my situation. When I was younger what I wanted in a relationship is very different than what I want now. I though we would grow together but we just out grew each other. Being in the stage of my life now I was able to end the relationship on a good note. I still love him as my daughters father but we were just not meant to be.

I'm saying all of that to say this, do what you feel is right for your life. We all would love to keep our best friends or that first love but if they are not helping you grow as a woman then it is time to move on. I am very selective now of who I befriend and who I will date because I only want people in my life that is on the same page as I am. We all have to be on the same level in maturity and other aspects. I will not comprise my happiness just to keep a friend or a man. I know where I am going in my life and I will not let anyone get in my way.

Make sure you surround yourself with people that can help you grow. Sometime we have to let the closest people in our lives go just to be happy and reach our goals. Its hard but its worth it. It doesn't have to be anything in a negative way. Just focus on all the positivity in you life.

Like always I'm here for support or to answer any questions.

Peace & Love

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Relationship Sabotage...Are You Guilty????

Since I am newly single I am excited to go on a new journey of dating and hopefully finding "The One". This got me thinking about a time when I was so worried if a guy would like me even though I'm fat. What would I have to change or do to make him like me? Will I have to do something I don't want to do to keep him? and so on. Through my years of finding myself I can say I have grown on what I will accept as a mate and what I will do to please him without losing myself in the process.

I think it gets easier to date when you build confidence. Being confident with who you are will lead to how you will act in the dating world. Low self-esteem and confidence usually will land you in a unhappy relationship or alone. If you do things like avoiding social settings, introducing yourself to new people, dressing for the occasion or even turning men away that are interested, these are signs you need to work on your confidence and self-esteem and goes way beyond being shy.

Men can also see lack of confidence in a woman. I hear men saying there's nothing sexier than the confidence in a woman and when its lacking it's definitely a turn off. Why get in your own way when finding love. If you are confident in yourself the men will be confident in you too. So what you are fat, who cares??????? If a man truly love you, he will accept you for you and wouldn't want you to compromise who you are as a woman to make him happy. Embrace your body, be you and be fabulous.

It took me years to build the confidence I have and there isn't anything or anyone that can break it. I have not met a man that didn't love how confident I was. My motto is "I can get in line with the best of them." Being over weight has no limitations. I was the largest one in my dance group back in college but my weight never stopped me from learning and performing almost every dance.

Don't get in your way of finding love. How can a man love you if you don't love yourself. Confidence is key. It may take time but just know with confidence and a high self-esteem comes with a happier you.

Like always I am here for support or if you just have questions.

Peace & Love

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Olympics: Celebration of Body Diversity or Bastion of Body Snark?

From the oddly choreographed Dawn of the Industrial Age dance number (as interpreted by mimes) to the Spice Girls reunion, complete with Posh robot (why on earth is she still singing? Stick with designing absolutely adorable dresses!) and all the leaps, be-grilled Lochtes, butt smacks, Gold-Medal Gabbys, Usain Bolt hilarity and scandals in between (you did hear about them playing the Borat version of the Kazakh nation anthem, yes? Real life, better than movies!), this year I was glued to the Olympics. Gymnastics has always enthralled me but as I’ve gotten older I’ve gained an appreciation for swimming (Phelps helped, not gonna lie), soccer, pole vaulting and the 4×100 relay. But the one sport I still can’t get into? Beach volleyball. And it isn’t because I don’t appreciate the amazing athleticism and sisterhood of Misty May Treanor and Kerry Walsh. I’m just tired of hearing about their bodies, that’s all.

Is it just me or was the bodytalk absolutely inescapable during the XXX Olympiad? (Ha! I just caught that!) Whether it was people debating whether Jessica Ennis was too fat (SERIOUSLY?), whether Leisel Jones was too fat (side note: I always wanted to be named Leisel, I love The Sound of Music that much), whether Rebecca Adlington was too fat (someone on Twitter called her a “f****** whale”), whether Holley Mangold was too fat (seeing a trend yet?), or whether the entire Brazilian women’s soccer team was too fat (SIGH) there was a lot of talking about the female athletes’ bodies. And that’s not even mentioning all the nonsense about whether Zoe Smith looked like a dude (because she’s got mad muscles and only dudes get to have muscles) or whether Gabby Douglas should be ashamed of her natural hair.

And it didn’t stop with talking. The butt shots of beach volleyball players got to be so ubiquitous they earned their own hilarious meme of “What if every Olympic sport was photographed like beach volleyball.” The official NBC video footage drew criticism for only featuring conventionally pretty female athletes like volleyball players, runners, and gymnasts (and zooming in too much on their butts and boobs) while sidelining the basketballers, skeet shooters, and weight lifters. The BBC even unveiled a hugely popular online app called “Your Olympic Athlete Body Match” where you can enter your height and weight and compare your body to professional athletes. Fun!

But not all the body talk was bad says Jo Swinson, a British Member of Parliament and founding member of the U.K. Campaign for Body Confidence, because at least we were all discussing bodies that were actually doing something they’d been trained long and hard to do well instead of just discussing their ability to be a clothes hanger.
“There is an honesty about these athletes. It’s very obvious that it takes them hours and hours of dedication and discipline to look the way they do,” says Swinson. With celebrities, by contrast, there’s often “the pretense that they woke up out of bed and look like that.” Instead, for two weeks, spectators around the world get to look at real faces and real bodies. “It’s one of the times we actually get to see women without makeup on on television.” She adds, “The Olympics are fantastic for celebrating a diversity of body shapes.”
My first thought upon reading this quote was that Swinson clearly had not seen the Russian gymnasts. The only thing they had more of than hair clippies was shiny eye shadow. While I do agree with her that we lose the pretentiousness of celebrity beauty I would say that she is rosying up the situation a bit. First because we turn our favorite athletes into celebrities, complete with magical hair straightening and teeth whitening. And second because for a lot of female sports looking female is an important part of the game. In gymnastics sparkly leotards, hair bows, overplucked eyebrows and enough makeup for a whole season of Toddlers and Tiaras are de rigueur.

In track there have been several scandals involving gender testing of female athletes that didn’t look girly enough- case in point is the terrible story of Santhi Soundjaran who was stripped of her wins after a fellow competitor questioned her girl card — even though she didn’t run as fast as a man. She actually came in second to a long-limbed blond-ponytailed white woman in a pink bra of whom no one even thought to question her sex despite her athletic prowess. It turned out that Santhi did possess a genetic anomaly that made her, for lack of a better phrase, not entirely female in the XX sense. But she isn’t a man either. And if genetics giving her an advantage is so awful then why haven’t we banned Lance Armstrong for being born with a freakishly large lung capacity or Michael Phelps for having a highly abnormal 6’7″ wingspan?

In a year where for the first time America had more female athletes than male and women took home 56% of the medals and 66% of the golds, I am so over hearing about whether or not they are “too fat.”
What did you think of the Olympics this year? Were you as bothered by the body talk as I was or did you see it as more encouraging of different female shapes?

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How To Broadcast Body Confidence

In a culture that encourages women to engage in trash talk about their own bodies, in which body confidence is an act of bravery, it can be daunting to consider broadcasting pride in your own physical form. But you CAN do it, even in the face of an oppressive environment, reluctant peers, and your own hesitation. I swear! It’s true! Because broadcasting body confidence doesn’t have to mean wearing an “I Love My Body” tee shirt or responding to every compliment by say, “Oh, I know.” There are a million tiny ways that you can tell the world you love your body, just as it is. And in doing so, you may just encourage other women to follow suit.

Watch your posture Posture and pride are visually linked, no question about it, and walking tall is the simplest, quickest way to show anyone who observes you that you are confident and self-assured. Of course, good posture can convey pride about any number of personal traits, many of them non-physical. But it stands to reason that being mindful of your body‘s position as a means of expressing self-confidence will be linked, at least in part, with valuing that same body.

Smile Body confidence can certainly be of the fierce, aggressive sort, but my experience leads me to believe that most folks who’ve accumulated some self-love feel serene and grateful. Smiling at others shows them that serenity and gratitude. Sure, it’s incredibly indirect and the vast majority of onlookers won’t immediately think, “That woman must be smiling because she loves her body!” And yet those who are locked in constant battle with self-loathing seldom smile directly at others and may feel less inclined to smile overall. Some days suck and some people piss us off, so I’m not advocating big, fake smiles 24/7. Just consider the powerful messages of calm confidence that are broadcast in a simple smile.
Give compliments

What now? You’re asking how telling OTHERS that they look fabulous will prove that you feel fabulous yourself? Well, I’ll tell ya. Jealousy is often borne of a fear of shortage: You envy what someone else has because hey, if they’ve got it, how could there possibly be enough to go around? By showing your lack of jealousy, you exude self-confidence. Indirectly, you’re saying, “I’m genuinely happy for you! Also, not threatened because I’m aware of my own self-worth!” Giving compliments not only spreads good karma and boosts the self-confidence of others, but it shows observers that your generosity of spirit stems from personal pride.

Accept – and append – compliments This is a more advanced technique, but I’m throwing it out there regardless. When someone compliments you, do NOT deflect. At the very least, respond with a heartfelt, “Thanks!” And once you’re feeling a bit bolder, try appending your responses. If a friend tells you she likes your dress, say, “Thanks! I just adore how it makes my legs look.” If a peer tells you she loves your shoes, say, “Oh thanks, lady! I feel so gorgeous and powerful in these … like I could take over the world!” If a friend tells you your hair looks amazing, say, “You are so sweet! I feel like my hair is one of my best features. Thanks for noticing!”

Don’t engage in body bashing We women spend a lot of time and energy talking about how much we wish our acne would clear up, our upper arms would get firmer, our wrinkles would vanish. In this day and age, we do it without thinking. Those thoughts, emotions, and words flow forth from us like breaths the moment we’re among friendly comrades. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

One of the best ways to curb trash talk is to have some sit-down talks with your closest friends and tell them you want it to stop. It may be most effective to couch it all in terms of your own feelings: “I worry about how it affects us,” or “I feel like this kind of talk erodes my self-confidence,” or “I’m just exhausted by going over these issues so constantly.” Start issuing moratoriums on body bashing when you gather with your besties.

If that’s not possible, work on your traffic cop skills: Re-route the conversation whenever it turns to negative body talk. “Girls, do we REALLY need to go there? No, we don’t. Let me tell you about the movie I saw last night …” Or just, “Blah, blah, whatever. Hey, did you hear about the new Mexican restaurant that just opened?”

And, perhaps most importantly, don’t take the bait. As difficult as it will be, do not cave and bash your own body when you get verbally set up to do so. You know the drill. Your girlfriend says, “Ugh, I feel so fat and gross. If only I had thin calves like yours.” And you’re supposed to say, “No way! I hate my calves. I wish I had your gorgeous hair …” Yes, there are some compliments floating around in there, but they’re encased in sentiments of self-loathing and jealousy. Not good. When your buddy starts the ball rolling, be blunt. Say, “Stop. We’re both gorgeous, luminous, worthy women. Just look at us!” And move the conversation onward and upward.

Dress confidently This will mean something different to each of you, but regardless of how it manifests it is definitely a best practice. As always, this is no mandate: Some days require hide-inside clothes, comfy clothes, or no clothes at all. But as often as you can, dress in clothing that makes you feel amazing. Colors that bring out the highlights in your hair, styles that highlight what YOU love best about your figure, shoes that make you walk proudly and confidently. The clothing we wear can be a powerful tool for broadcasting body confidence.

You won’t love your body every single day. You won’t have the confidence and energy to engage all of these tactics every single day. But if you can try them out even a few times a week, they will make a difference. They will build upon themselves and help you nurture that vital seed of body confidence into a gorgeous bloom, and they will subtly show your peers that self-worth isn’t threatening or conceited or abnormal. Do what you can to broadcast body confidence, and you’ll be helping yourself while helping others; The best kind of goodwill you can possibly spread.

How do you show the world that you love your body?

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Learning To Love Your Body

Can we talk about this?

A reader poll on the blog Sexgenderbody states: When I look at myself naked in the mirror, I feel... To which 57% of the responses answered shame.

We all know people who are carrying around shame and self-loathing towards their bodies. As someone who is no stranger to feeling ashamed when I look at myself in the mirror, it breaks my heart to know that others feel the same way. This negative pattern can contaminate every part of your life and self-perception - the clothes that you put on in the morning, your feelings of acceptance and happiness in your job/friendships/relationships, your sex life, and (most importantly) to your relationship with your self.

Learning to love yourself regardless of your size is one of the most crucial and beneficial gifts that a person can give themselves.
The ripple effects of learning to experience self love will touch every part of your life, improving and lightening the load of your heart with every step. Think of how much more time you would have if you could replace feelings of self-loathing with feelings of joy and love and abundance!

Amazingly, I've found that this problem lends itself to nearly ALL body types and sizes. While I might quietly resent a very thin friend of mine who regales me with her negative body image and personal feelings of shame, it is important to keep perspective on this point. Nearly everyone, no matter how skinny/tall/perfectly shaped they may look, feels this way about themselves from one time to another. It's important to promote healthy body image regardless of size, even when that seems difficult.

Tools for learning to love your body no matter what your size:

* Buy clothing (and, perhaps more importantly, underwear) that fits you and allows you to feel comfortable/sexy/pulled together/happy. STOP WORRYING ABOUT THE SIZE ON THE LABEL. There is nothing worse than feeling like you have to starve yourself for a week to fit into that dress you bought a size too small, because you just couldn’t bring yourself to buy a size 6/14/24/whatever.

* Talk sweetly to yourself. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you look. Bonus points if you can do this naked. Because, remember, you are beautiful, many people probably think so, and a little reminder to your heart here and there will go a long, long way.

* Do not give people who delight in making you feel fat/ugly/unlovable/unworthy a SINGLE SECOND more of your time. Wash your hands of them (but have compassion, because probably the root of their meanness lies in their own insecurities).

* Move your body. It is MUCH harder to hate your _insert body part here_ when it is directly responsible for allowing you to walk down the street/carry your groceries/have amazing sex/pick up your children. You will feel better with every step you take. Bonus points for doing something like hula hooping which will both cause you to move your body around, and also allow you to express some sensual creativity. (It is an absolute fact that you cannot feel badly about your body and hula hoop at the same time, this is a 100% smile guarantee.)

* Do not sit around with your friends/family/loved ones and bitch about your bodies as a form of social interaction. It hurts you. It hurts them. I am willing to risk my life that you have better things you could be doing with your time.
How are you learning to love your body?
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New Reality Show Casting In LA Area

*This is an open casting and we do not know anything specific about the people involved. Please ask questions if you are asked to come in.

Name: Angela Weingrad Major Cable Network
Category: Entertainment and Media

Deadline: 7:00 PM EST – 14 August








Include all your contact info, a brief bio of who you are
including your name, age and occupation. Tell us all about why
you and your friends would be great for the show! Don’t forget
to attach photos.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Wellness Check

Good Morning My Fabulous Ones,

The weekend is toooooo short, but how is everyone? Well I have been doing very well and I plan to keep it that way. I have been eating very healthy and working out just about everyday.


So I am still eating mainly lean meats, veggies and fruit. I am also getting farther away from processed foods. My biggest thing is to not think about what I cant eat and figure out ways to make what I can eat taste really good. Lately I have been looking up recipes and just experimenting with different seasoning. So far I have been creating very tasty things. Last night I made the best tasting salmon I have ever ate. One major thing I'm now doing is making sure I'm eating a ton of protein.

Eating Plan

I eat every three hours with my last meal at around 6:15 no later than 7pm
Each meal is around 300 calories
Protein is the main source but a good amount of fruits and veggies
I try to only eat bread no more than once a day
I limit high starchy foods

So far this has been working great for me.


So my main source of exercise is Zumba. I do that about six days a week. This week I am going to incorporate strength training. I hear so much about the benefits but never did it at home. I already have a couples of weights so I definitely need to put those to use. I plan to do that three times per week.

Last week I wasn't able to workout at all do to family being in town but I was still able to lose a good amount of weight just be eating very healthy. I would buy my own meals to eat because everyone wanted to order out the whole time. Bringing my own food definitely helped me stay on track.

 I am hoping that my journey can help at least one person get on the right track. And of course you guys know I am here for support or if you have any questions.

Peace & Love

Financially Stressed Men Prefer Chubby Women

In the latest edition of “throw a big girl a bone” news, a new study recently released by researchers from the University of Westminster in London has found that our tanking economy is actually good news for plus-size women. Apparently when men are stressed, they seem to be attracted to chubbier women, making this prime time for big girls to catch themselves a good man. *Insert sarcasm here*

The study, lead by Viren Swami, rounded up 81 young men whose ages ranged from 18 to 42 and raised the stress levels of 41 of the men by having them do some tough math and to participate in a simulated job interview — a situation that has been proven to significantly increase tension and anxiety, while the rest of the group got to relax in a quiet room. Afterwards, all of the participants were shown 10 photos of women whose weight ranged from emaciated to obese and were then asked to rate the attractiveness of the women on a scale of 1 to 10.
According to Swami:
“Our results showed that men who were stressed rated female body sizes at higher BMI categories as more attractive than their control group counterparts. That is, men in the [stressed] condition rated women of normal weight, overweight, and partially, at least, obese BMI categories as more attractive than the control group.”
However, few are shocked by the results of the study because men running to the arms of chubby women is apparently ingrained in our history. Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, a research professor and member of the Center for Human Evolution Studies in the department of anthropology at Rutgers University, says what we’re seeing in the study is “the result of man’s early struggles to survive.” Fisher says:
“It certainly would have been adaptive for ancestral man to have a chubby wife during stressful times of famine. Not only would she have had more calories to burn, and thus more energy and endurance, but since fat stores estrogen, she would have remained fertile for longer.”
Guess big women everywhere better burn those calories and snatch them a man now before the economy bounces back and they’re back to being unattractive again. Really? Is this study really suggesting big women are only attractive in times of trouble because they can cook and breed?

Do you agree with the study results?
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Friday, August 10, 2012

Fat, Full-Figured or Plus Size Women Are All Works Of Art

Fat, Full-Figured or Plus Size Women Are All Works Of Art: From the beginning of time to about the early 1900′s full-figured women weren’t called ‘Fat’ or made fun of. They were called ‘Normal’ & ‘beautiful’ and every painter fell in love with them. The art history for plus size women is extensive. Why you ask? Because we are beautiful; our cuves are warm, sassy and strong and men cannot get enough of them.

Here are the famous images of Peter Paul Rubens:
Image Credit: The Judgement of Paris

Not only did he love painting full-figured women, he proudly showed off their nude bodies.
History tends to repeat iteself and this isn’t a bad thing. Here we have Fernanado Botero,a hand-painter of oil paintings that involves ‘Fat’ women as he likes to call it. He isn’t poking fun at us, he is saying that ‘Fat’ is beautiful.

The best empowerment source is YOU. You are the painter now, your curves are the art work. Paint lovely colors on yourself. Do not be shy and wear blue, reds, orange and white. Stop wearing that ‘black’ that hides all of your greatness. Look within yourself and earn that power and share it with the world.

Dangerous Beauty????

I often ask myself if I’m wrong to talk about beauty as much as I do. I know that the question of beauty is a contentious one. If beauty is used to make women feel like they don’t measure up, then maybe the whole idea of beauty should be tossed out the window.

The argument isn’t a bad one. Many feminist writers, whom I respect very much, would say that beauty is a bad ideal. Beauty is used to keep women down and keep us competitive with one another. And for this and other reasons, we should no longer focus on beauty or wanting to be beautiful.

Is Wanting To Be Beautiful Bad For Your Self Esteem?
You may have seen this recent piece by Jessica Valenti in The Nation. In it, she contends that by promoting self-esteem in young women, we’re really telling them that they should do whatever it takes to feel good about themselves, including adhering to a beauty myth which will have them buying plastic surgery as soon as they can. She writes:
“Young women know exactly how ugly the culture believes them to be. So when we teach girls to simply “love themselves”, we’re implicitly telling them to accept the world as it is. We’re saying that being beautiful is something worth having when we should be telling them a culture that demands as much is toxic.”
I agree with Jessica Valenti’s assertion that raising women and girls’ self esteem and belief in their own beauty without a contextual discussion of our messed up society is a bad idea, but I also don’t see this discussion being left out by anyone actually doing this work.

There’s a difference between the coaches, counselors and organizations that actually work to promote self-esteem and the corporate interests who have conflated self esteem and beauty as a way to sell products. Gussying up the beauty myth under the guise of promoting self-esteem is just the latest marketing trick. It’s like when the diet companies realized in the early 1990′s that they would sell more diets by marketing their plans as healthy. Diets didn’t become any more healthy, but they became more popular again, and weight and health continued to be muddled.

In other words, promoting self esteem isn’t dangerous, we just can’t get our ideas about self esteem from the same place that we buy our body lotion. (I’m looking at you, Dove.)

Blowing Up The Beauty Myth
So is beauty an old, tattered concept that we should collectively throw away? Is it time to throw the beautiful baby out with the patriarchal bathwater, so to speak?

Personally, I don’t think we should. I just think we need to rethink our conception of beauty.
To me, beauty isn’t something that we should strive to attain. Beauty isn’t some scarce thing that only a select few get to have. Beauty is big and bold. Beauty is quiet and delicate. Beauty is everywhere. Somewhere along the line the definition of beauty became about looking like society’s ideal of beauty. Beauty became about perfection. Maybe we should blame the ancient Greeks (I’m looking at you, Plato) or ladymags (I’m simultaneously looking at you, Cosmo).

But perfection is only one kind of beauty, and it’s probably the least interesting.

Even if we’re just talking about physical beauty, who among us hasn’t found beauty in crinkly eye wrinkles, crooked smiles, messy hair, dimply fat, etc? Why do you assume that your ability to see unique beauty in others won’t apply when others see you?

Beauty shouldn’t be about changing yourself to achieve an ideal or be more socially acceptable. Real beauty, the interesting, truly pleasing kind, is about honoring the beauty within you and without you. It’s about knowing that someone else’s definition of pretty has no hold over you. When you know that, your self esteem does improve, no surgery or botox or cosmetics required.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Finding The Right Support System

Through every journey in our lives we always look for that right person who can support us and hold our hand the whole way through. For me it's my two sisters. We are each other's best friends and we support each other through everything.

I've put a list together to help you find the right support system. It will also let you know if the person you think is there for may be lacking a few qualities.

  • Honesty: This is the most important thing to me. I believe if the person was truly there for you they will be honest and help you make the right choices.

  • Trustworthy: You should trust this person to the highest extent. You want to know that what happens between you two or what you tell them will stay between the both of you.

  • A Phone Call Away: When you are in need, you want this person to be there at that moment. You shouldn't have to wait forever for a call back or wait forever to see them.

  • Doesn't Judge You: Who wants to speak to someone that judges you. Regardless if they agree with what your doing they should never pass judgment. They are not you and shouldn't want you to be like anyone other than yourself.

  • Not a Debbie Downer: You never should have someone close to you that always sees the negative in every situation. It's nothing like getting excited about something to only have someone rain on your parade all the time.

  • Close to you: This person should be a permanent fixture in your life. You should not depend on someone that is in and out your life on the regular.

There can definitely be more factors to how you find your support system but I feel these are the most important. Hopefully these can help you on your journey in life.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Plus Size Models are Women Too…

Okay. So something has been bothering me for a while and I hadn’t yet figured out how to address this within our community.

Sizism with the Plus Size Community

Yes, I said it. Sizism and it is starting to get even nastier the more people have access to social media platforms as they voice their concerns and thoughts about this.

But here’s the thing, when it comes to plus sizes, (whether we like it or not) industry standard is sizes 12/14 and higher. While some agencies try to push for models lower than this, for the most part you will see models starting at a size 12/14. Now the community is at a place where they are demanding a plus size model to be more visibly plus size, and this is great! However, that does not mean that the models being used are not, they just happen to be on the smaller side of plus.


But this is not what bothers me.

As plus size women, we have fought over the years for an equal playing field in fashion. We have fought for access to fashion. We have fought for inclusion in mainstream fashion and challenged stereotypes. We have reshaped the perception of beauty!

Denise Bidot shot by Stanley Debas
Photo by Stanley Debas



What I do not get, is why NOW we are turning inwards and challenging, lamenting, bullying those who are on the smaller side of plus? Yes, this is happening. How dare we subject others to the torment, shame, ridicule, ostracism, and dismissive behavior because of their size? Haven’t you, haven’t we endured this enough?
I understand changes still are being made, brands and retailers are listening, but at what expense?

How are we to move forward when we are tearing each other apart?

I UNDERSTAND, shopping for clothes is easier when there is a full figured model being used, but the reactions should be directed at the brand asking them to see a wider range of sizes- NOT THE MODEL HERSELF.

If you look at some plus size designers, some start their sizes at a 12- where the mainstream brands are cutting off their sizes. So what’s a woman who is a size 12/14 to do? She shops plus sometimes. Designers recognize this and cater to her too.

She is YOU.

You, who have fought all your life for acceptance, you who challenged the status quo, YOU who braved it all to hold your head up high and show the world your beauty. She is a plus size woman who, like you is bucking a stereotype.

As the plus size fashion industry advances, it mirrors the fashion industry in certain aspects. Sizes used and marketing practices are still being adjusted as it has been proven that there is money to be had in plus size fashion.

Straight vs Plus Model

AND, while we are talking sizes, please note: A size 14/16 on a 5’11” woman and a 5’4” woman look different. When they shoot these models, they are not sitting next to a straight sized model, so you may not see how much different she looks! And we are not even talking styling! A plus model can look a variety of ways with just how she is styled! Have you seen Denise Bidot (the model in the very first picture?)?

Best case scenario? If you look at the editorial that Plus Model Magazine did, you will see the differences, but if you look at the model by herself, she may look smaller.

This is the beauty of plus size women. We all look different, are shaped different, and are built different. While myself and others challenge the brands to give more diversity in the plus size modeling side of things, understand the challenge should be directed to the brands who are trying to hear you. NOT THE MODELS.

Changes are being made and the industry is listening, but can they hear you when you are bashing the model’s size? Some can, but not all… I may not like smaller models and try my best to showcase full figured models when I have the images to do so, but you will not hear me trashing a model because she is on the smaller side of plus. If a brand is skewing smaller, I take issue with the brand, NOT the model.

Being a size 12/14/16 does not take away from her being plus. This does not take away her beauty. This does not take away from the fact that she is a plus size woman- JUST LIKE YOU.
Imagine if you put a picture of yourself online and people began attacking YOU? How would this make you feel?

At the end of the day, these models are women, like you and me. And they have feelings too.

SO here is a question:

How can we demand that society accept us and treat our industry with respect if we cannot accept ourselves first? The in between, fuller figured, and size 24+ alike?

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Beyond Fatkinis & Fashion

For decades, our culture has forced us into thinking that you must be thin before you step foot on the sand in anything but a one-piece. It’s an unspoken rule. Big girls don’t wear bikinis. For many plus-size women this sad notion has taken all of the fun out of shopping for swimwear. As hard as we try, it is a struggle to feel sexy in the flirty skirted suits, modest full coverage and concealing miracle suits. So, what is a plus-size girl to do when she is sick of accompanying her size two friends to the beach in a frumpy wallpaper-patterned one-piece and has just about had it with the “beach-ready body” stereotypes? The answer is simple. Don’t let others dictate what you wear. As daring as it may seem, rock a bikini!

Most plus-size girls would rather go to war then wear a bikini, but designers are now making it easy to dive into a two-piece. No matter what the shape or size is, every body type is a “bikini body” but it is all about finding the right bikini for your body. The plus-size community is slowly but surely embracing this idea and has affectionately renamed the bikini a “fatkini.” A fatkini is essentially a bikini that was designed specifically with a full figured girl in mind. The fatkini is catching on quick, not only as a new trend but also as an opportunity for plus-size girls to embrace their curves and reveal a suppressed confidence.

This summer, shameful bodies are breaking out of their shells. There is a new babe on the beach and a different kind of diva chilling pool side. She is fearless, striking and designers are targeting that girl. Award winning contemporary plus-size designer Monif Clarke of Monif C. hit the mark with her “Sao Paulo” High-Waisted Plus Size Bikini. Monif encouraged her customers to splurge on one of her two-piece swimsuits in an interview. “There are beautiful plus-size women going on vacations with their husbands and girlfriends, going on cruises, and more,” Clarke said. She continued, “It makes me feel great that these women can go out in a swimsuit without a big bulky t-shirt on and still feel comfortable.”

You can make anything look good if you feel good in it and when you feel good about yourself it doesn’t matter what others think. “I can’t tell you how freeing it is to just have fun without worrying about what other people think, said plus-size fashion blogger, Gabi Gregg. Gregg has been an influential leader in the fatkini movement.

In her Fatkini 2012 post on, she wore a black and white stripe vintage-inspired bikini from Simplybe and compliments poured in on her blog for days. Some of her readers even called her inspiring. So inspiring, Gregg recently appeared on The Today Show to talk about the new fatkini phenomenon. Although her confidence was applauded, in the same breath she was criticized for promoting obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle. Gregg quickly fired back explaining that she measures her health by her happiness and not by the numbers on the scale. She encouraged a healthy lifestyle by eating correctly and staying active but can’t stress enough how important it is to “be happy in the bodies we have right now.”

In a recent SHAPE magazine survey, a whopping 82 percent of women feel pressured to shape up and slim down for bikini season. 60 percent actually diet for the warm summer season. Why not live in the moment and celebrate our bodies for once. It is so refreshing to see that most designers and clothing companies are expanding their designing minds and creating their very own versions of the fatkini. Lane Bryant, Torrid and Everything But Water are on the list of places you can find the right bikini for your body type. Once you have found the perfect two-piece to suit your body, transform that every day bikini into a golden mome

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fat Prejudice

Are you prejudice against obese people?

If you find yourself reeling back at the thought of someone who is overweight, then it’s possible that you’re a promoter of fat prejudice. A new online poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos tested 1,143 adults and their attitudes towards people who are obese. The poll found that this line of thinking often caused fat prejudice. 61 percent of those who took the survey had “personal choices about eating and exercising” and 19 percent believed the actions of food manufacturers and the fast-food industry were cause for inciting prejudice.
Here are three ways to stop being fat prejudice:
  1. Embrace Those Who are Overweight – If your attitude suggests that you are shunning those who are fat, it’s time to change your tune. Imagine how you would feel in their shoes! Check yourself at the door if you find yourself judging someone.
  2. Encourage a Group workout – If you think that people who are obese aren’t working out the way they should be, then create a team and encourage them to get in shape with you!
  3. Readjust Your Thinking – Instead of dwelling on the negative aspects of a person, dwell on the positive aspects of them. Once you change your way of thinking you will be able to help those more than you hurt them.
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Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Wellness Check

Good Morning Lovelies,

Energy, energy and more energy is what I have. I have been doing excellent with eating right and excersizing and it is definitly paying off. Im so happy and motivated. I am finally serious and ready to become healthy and I am not going to let anything or anyone get in my way.

So as far as eating I am mostly eating fruits, vegetables and lean meats. I am trying to stay away from proccessed food but I do allow my self to eating a few things that are. I do however make sure they are healthier than the regular stuff. For example I love chicken strips and I was able to find a healthier version. They are Perdue's Simply Smart Chicken Strips. They are lightly breaded with whole wheat flour and one 3oz. serving is only 140 calories. I found that if I dont think about the food I'm not eating, I'm ok. When I do have a craving I either chew very minty gum or just have a talk with myself. I allowed myself to have a couple slices of Papa Johns pizza and some wings and I was able to control my portions and go back to healthier foods right after. Now thats progress!!!! I also read something that deffinitly helped me, it said "Instead of saying I can't eat, say I don't eat". That works and has helped me.

I am still excersizing just about everyday. I am however mainly doing Zumba. When I'm home with the kids, it's hard to be on the treadmill. Because they are so young, it's hard to keep them away from it while I'm on it. It it can get boring at times also. I did a bit of the Insanity workout but Zumba is becomeing my favorite. I LOVE to dance and miss performing like I used to. I get a great workout doing it and it shows. I can see a difference in certain parts of my bodyand I've lost more weight. I will continue to maily do Zumba for now.

So how have your journeys with getting healthier???? Remember I'm here for support or if you have any questions.

Peace & Love

Olympians Criticized For Their Weight...SMH

LONDON (Reuters) - American weightlifter Holley Mangold tips the scales at 346 pounds (157 kilograms) and she is proud of being the heaviest woman at the London Olympics. Mangold, 22, who competed in the women's 75 kilogram-plus division, is one of growing number of women athletes speaking out at their frustration with the public scrutiny of their body size and image rather than their fitness and skills.

At the 2012 Olympics, a list of top female athletes have hit back at critics who have called them fat including British heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis, Australian swimmer Liesel Jones, and the Brazilian women's soccer team. For Mangold, her weight is a something to be proud of. "Between my team mate (Sarah Robles) and I, I think we both showed you can be athletic at any size," said Mangold whose Twitter profile has the tagline "Loving life and living big!"
"I'm not saying everyone is an athlete but I am saying an athlete can come in any size."
Mangold, who suffered a wrist injury three weeks ago, came 10th in a field of 14 on Sunday, watched by her NFL-playing brother Nick, centre for the New York Jets. Robles came seventh.
The Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation (WSFF), a UK charity aiming to get more women into sport to build self-esteem and confidence, said only 12 percent of British girls at age 14 were doing enough exercise to meet recommended guidelines. WSFF Chief Executive Sue Tibballs said their research found negative body image was consistently cited as a barrier for girls participating in exercise as popular culture gave out the message it was more important to be thin than fit.
She said this negative attitude over body image was also applied to women athletes at the Olympics who are in peak physical condition with healthy body images but still come under fire for being fat.

"Women athletes will regularly get comments about their appearance although men won't," said Tibballs. "This really adds to the pressure on women athletes, many of whom already have a disordered attitude towards foods because they are in a controlled routine where weight is a key issue." British triathlete Hollie Avil, who competed at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, quit high-level sports in May for the sake of her health after the recurrence of an eating disorder brought on by a coach telling her she was too fat. Tibballs said it was hard to believe that Ennis, poster girl of the London Games with a rippling washboard stomach, was called fat and accused of carrying too much weight by a high-ranking UK athletics official ahead of the Games. Ennis, 26, won gold for Britain on Saturday.
Australia's three-times gold medalist swimmer Leisel Jones's figure was questioned by some Australian media before London, who suggested she did not look as fit as at Beijing in 2008.
This sparked an angry reaction from team mates and an online uproar about body image and what constitutes fit or fat. "I'm embarrassed by the Aussie media having a go at Leisel, one of Australia's greatest Olympians. Support athletes don't drag them down," fellow swimmer Melanie Schlanger tweeted. "U can't judge fitness from looks anyway and how about we don't criticize at all."
Jones helped Australia win a silver medal in the medley relay in London. British swimmer Rebecca Adlington, who won two bronze medals at London, told reporters she was going to avoid reading Twitter comments during the Olympics because so many were insults about her appearance.
The Brazilian women's soccer team were called "a bit heavy" by the coach of the Cameroon team after the South Americans won their game against the African nation 5-0. British weightlifter Zoe Smith won fans when she hit back at attacks on Twitter saying she looked like a "lesbian" and a "bloke", addressing her critics as "chauvinistic, pigheaded blokes who feel emasculated (as) we .. are stronger than them". "We don't lift weights in order to look hot," said 18-year-old Smith, who set at new British record at London where she came 12th in the women's 58kg class. "We, as any women with an ounce of self-confidence would, prefer our men to be confident enough in themselves to not feel emasculated by the fact that we aren't weak and feeble."

It's sad that no matter how well these women do in the Olympics all people can think about is how the look. Is it that they are so jealous they will find anything to pick on. There is not a rule that says athletes have to look a certain way in order to do well. I congratulate everyone that has made it thus far. Many people dream of being in there shoes and many try to bring them down. People don't know how much words can hurt but I am happy that the Olympians are trying to turn this into a way to help others deal with negative comments.

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Plus size model Kellie Waller launches The Body Project

The Body Project is the innovative idea of plus size model Kellie Waller from Dover, Kent. To tackle the issue of body image she is striving to show that it is health and confidence which defines beauty, not size. To this end Kellie has planned and executed a fashion shoot showing healthy girls between the sizes of 6 and 22, including herself, in a bid to show girls that they do not have to be a size zero to be attractive.

Kellie organised the photo shoot which includes 12 girls most of whom have never modeled before to display on her dedicated Facebook page called The Body Project. She said: “The reason I wanted to do this is because I am fed up of hearing about young girls dying from eating disorders and larger ladies making themselves seriously ill from fad diets. You hear on the news about young girls starving themselves to try and be a size zero, maybe even killing themselves, and that makes me so sad… long as you are healthy and happy then you should love the skin you are in.”

plus size body Kellie Plus size model Kellie Waller launches The Body Project
The Body Project: Kellie Waller

Kellie hopes to get more interest in The Body Project internet campaign. At the moment the Facebook page has 257 members and as support grows she hopes to do more photo shoots and include calendars and key rings. Indeed, at the moment she is planning another photo shoot in the South East so if you would like to get involved in front of or behind the camera visit The Body Project to find out more at

The Body Project has a mission: to get everyone to embrace what and who they are. Beauty lies with every size. Kellie says “If by doing this I can get even one girl to stop and think about what she is doing to herself and hopefully get her to change her mind, The Body Project will be a success.”
Give The Body Project your support. Visit

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday's From Me to You

Good Morning Lovelies,

Sorry I haven't posted a "from me to you" in a while. I have had so much going on that distracted me from posting one. None of them were positive things. That's what I want to talk to you guys about today.

As you know I am on a journey to not only become healthier for me and my family but I also want to empower other women and teens do the same. Doing all of this as well as working full time and a mother of three, I have to find a balance in my day to day task. I absolutely love everything I'm doing and in no way will I change that but some of the smallest things can lead to big consequences for me. The first week I didn't post, I had a rough time with eating healthy and it really put me in a funk. It caused me to not want to blog and I can say I may even got a little depressed. I had to take the time to regroup and get beck on track to my normal self. That is why I didn't post that next Friday also.

My point is that sometimes we have to take time to ourselves to get things in order. We are all human and things happen. When you do come across a situation, sometimes it's best to take all the time you need to regroup. I would never want anyone to feel guilty for making sure you are good inside and out. Never put pressure on yourself to please anyone other than yourself. You are the only one that can make YOU truly happy. So take all the time you need to make yourself happy and get on the right path for YOU.

Many of you have a lot of things going on in your life and it can be hard to smile at certain times. Just know that it wont be like this forever, things will get better. You have to always remain positive and look towards the future. Don't allow yourself to stay stressed over things you cant control. Love yourself, your life, your family and most importantly embrace the fact that you are alive to see this day because some people didn't even wake up today.

Like always I'm here for support and remember LIVE, LOVE AND LAUGH

Peace & Love