Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Way You Dress Can Affect Your Mood

How do you feel when you look in the mirror??? Are you happy with what you see??? If not, what can you do the change it???

I was at working thinking about how I dress depending on how I feel. When I'm overly exhausted or upset I tend to throw on whatever and then I feel a certain way for the rest of the day. My point is  that no matter how you feel, dress how you would If you where in a happier mood. When we are not in a happy mood are clothing choices can either keep us in a funk or help us out the funk.

Not caring about your appearance usually leads to you being upset that people are seeing you not at your best. Being a plus size woman things to avoid is over sized and baggy clothes, too tight or ill fitting close and wrinkle or dirty clothes.

When I know I am dressed in something I like, it helps my mood. You should try it, it really works majority of the time.

Peace & Love

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