Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Does Adding Fat to a Word Make You Feel Better???

Fatshion, Fatkini, and any other word some in the plus size community has added fat to....drives me crazy. I understand why people do it though. Many feel like they are taking the word fat from being an insult to embracing it and feeling powerful when they say it first. I get it!! But my question is do you really want to be identified as fat.... or do you want to be identified as .... I would rather be identified as Jasmon or a fashionista not Fat Jasmon or Fatshionista. I want to be respected and spoken to without reference to size. I find it a little demeaning to always include fat into a description. Why can't we accept and embrace the term fat and leave it at that.

Taking pride in who you are is a must but when it comes to how you want to be respected is a bigger obstacle I think some don't understand. Calling yourself fat before someone else does will not make you look more powerful. Standing up as the person you are, that will make you powerful. Some will disagree with me and that's fine, but if we truly want to be accepted and treated as equals we must use the regular terminology as our equals. You don't see skinny woman saying skinnykini or Skinny.... , so why do we do it????

For some women it really does make them feel better and for some it is a buffer and way to hide the hurt they feel when being called fat. For the women and teens who hurt or feel sad when they are called fat, it is ok to not embrace this fat trend. You will only be respected how you see fit when you set your own standards. Just because one of your favorite bloggers or celebrities refer to themselves in fat terminology does not mean you have to. I follow a few bloggers that uses that term for a lot of things but I will never follow suit. I know how I want to be represented and respected and will never allow another to take me off the track.

Embrace who you are and who you want to be! If you like using fat in front of everything I say go for it! If you are using it to hide behind your true feeling I say stop and just be you. You are one of a kind and whether your fat or not you are SIZE FABULOUS and words should not define you!!!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

My Asos Haul

I recently won a $100 gift card from the blogger Manfattan for Asos and boy was I excited. I can't shop for myself as much as I would like so to get a gift card for a generous amount of money was a bit of a blessing I feel. I am a newbie to online shopping as I have a hard enough time in a regular store finding clothes to fit my body perfectly. I am getting better though. Finding how sizes run and how they fit will come with time but I love finding out lol. I bought 4 tops and 3 pencil skirts (my new addiction). One of the tops will not be in this post as I have already blogged about in another post. I am addicted to pencil skirts because it hugs you in all the right places and can be dressed up and down in so many ways. But enough of my babbling...all tops and bottoms are from Asos Curves and the Shoe details will be at the bottom of the post.
Shoe Deets: Top: JustFab / Middle: ShoeDazzle / Bottom: Target

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Date Night

It has been a long time since we have had a date night. It has been even longer since I have been out period. I don't go out much and it doesn't help that we rarely have a sitter to do so. My mom wanted to give us a night off and we surely wasn't going to turn her offer down. We wanted to go to a club called Lava at the casino but unfortunately we couldn't so we opted for dinner and a late movie. We went to Friday's and I had the Jack Daniel Burger and it was the BOMB. That Jack Daniel's sauce was amazing. The movie we saw was Wolverine and I definitely recommend it. It was a great night and can't wait to do it again, whenever that may be.

Outfit Deets: Blazer: Forever21 / Top: Asos Curve / Jeans: Rainbow / Wedge Booties: Target / Clutch: Cant Remember (Sorry)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

65 Degrees in July.....The Nerve

Syracuse weather is so crazy. We had a heat wave of 90 degree weather for a week straight, get a little rain and next thing you know you need a jacket in July. On a positive note I wore a top from Asos Curve I recently bought yyaaayyy for me lol. So even though the weather sucked my fringe top made me smile.

Outfit Deets: Fringe Top: Asos Curve / Pants: Ashley Stewart / Camo Flats: Target / Jewelry: Gifted

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Its Just Those Rainy Days

Woke up to rain this morning so I had to change my outfit. The original plan was to wear a cute pencil skirt and heels, but I refuse to have wet legs and feet so I switched out the skirt for pants and heels for loafers.
Outfit Deets: Peplum Top: Forever21 / Pants: Ashley Stewart / Loafers: Target / Belt: JcPenney / Earrings: H&M / Lipstick: Wet n Wild (Shade 912C)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Butt so Big You Can Sit a Glass on It

Have you ever been told that??? I know I have. I have been blessed with a large rear end and I get that comment a lot. It doesn't really bother me as long as it's not coming from a complete stranger, because I love my huge butt LOL. I only have one nag about it and that is that it sits up really high and it is hard to find a skirt that will not have me mooning people.

For me skirts aren't my only issue. Being that my waist is a lot smaller than my hips, I either have my bottoms rising up or pants falling down if I don't wear a belt. Even with a belt my bottoms will still rise up. I hate to buy a great dress or skirt and end up having to alter the orignal look to make it work for me but It's a must have. If you have the same delimma I do, here are a few tips to still have a killer look:
  • Buy midi dresses and skirts. The orignal lentgh is around our knees or a little bit longer so if it rises up you are still in the safe zone. Also making your midi skirt a high waist will also give the illusion of a shorter skirt.
  • Make dresses shirts. We all have different body types and sometimes things are not made to fit our's. You can make a dress a great tunic top by adding leggings, shorts, etc.
  • Tailor your items. I know we don't all have the means to do so but for those who can, get your item tailord to better fit your body. Add material or take it in for your trouble areas.
  • Look for alternatives. If you are stuck on a certain item 9 times out of 10 you can find a similar item that better fits your body type.
  • Make your own clothing. I know not everyone can sew but making your clothes yourself will not only save you money but you will make the items to fit your body perfectly.
These are things that I have tried and it works for me. Sometimes I do wish I can wear that dress or skirt with no worries but that is not the body I was blessed with. I love my table top and you should love yours too. Hopefully these tips will help you get out their and be creative!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Obese & Pregnant or Should I Say Obese with a Ton of Medical Problems & Pregnant

So a couple days ago I was watching a show on the discovery health channel called "Obese & Pregnant" I love watching all types of pregnancy and baby shows. I have not seen this show before and thought it would be interesting to see plus size women like myself go through their birthing journey. The show ended with me being very upset. They did not focus on the joy of being pregnant at a larger size, they instead focused on medical issues the women either had before, during, or after having a baby. There was not one women that did not have a normal and healthy pregnancy. That's what really bothered me.

There is plenty of plus size women who has not had children yet and was probably scared to have any after watching this show. It saddens me that no matter what the topic is, if a person is overweight they will mainly focus on the medical issues you can get or already have. Can we not still enjoy giving the gift of life without someone focusing on obesity related issues. I an so sick of listening to people give the speach of you can only be healthy if you loose weight. I am not blind to the fact that people do develop health issues because of their weight but that does not apply to everyone.

I could have been great on this show. I have 3 children, 2 of which are twins and I have never had a medical issue before, during, or after my pregnancies. With my first child, I believe my weight got up to around 290 something. This was the heaviest I have ever been and I did loose 60 pounds after. Carrying twins was no joke, my delivery weight was 314. My pregnancies were all full term, I had Kennedi natural without any meds. I did have to have a c-section with the twins but only because they both wouldn't stay head down. After birth my weight went down to 274 and I will admit that it is not as easy to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight as my life is completely different and more hectic. The weight I am today is my heaviest without being pregnant but I am still healthy.

36 weeks pregnant with my twins

There are many other women like me that has successful and healthy pregnancies and births. This show was so disappointed and only further pushed the stigma that with a heavier size comes health problems. The ending credits gave a very brief update but highlighted that the women lost x amount of pounds. Was that really necessary??? Could they just have an update on mommy and baby??? As a plus size person we have a long way to go to get people to accept our size. Weight loss, weight gain, and maintaining a certain should be at the discretion of the one individual not other peoples opinions. I am all for a healthy life style but you have to make the right decisions for yourself. Maybe we will see a plus size woman on this show that doesn't bring up weight as an issue...I'll wait....

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Skater Tanks and High Waist Skirts

So this weekend I spent my whole Saturday at the Waterloo Premium Outlet. I have not been there in years and had not planned on going either. My boyfriend brought up going as a great way to get out of the house with our daughters and I though it would be a great idea. I knew I wouldn't be able to shop till I drop but I was really just looking for great pieces that can be versatile for work and play. I shopped at stores I never have before like straight size stores and found very cute pieces that fit me perfectly.

 It would be a long day in hell before I though a straight size piece would fit my plus size body. I no longer think that way. I have other plus size bloggers to think for that. I follow so many other plus size fashionistas and can honestly say they have taught me a few things. Both my skirt and tank is from straight size stores. The tank is also from the men's section. I wouldn't wear this shirt work but this skirt is the bomb. What's crazy about this skirt is that it won't even go up over my butt and hips. I have to put it on over my head and still fits me perfectly. I also love how it's pleated in the front and back and the entire waist is elastic. The shirt is so cool, I think it's more for women than it is for men. This outfit is so fun, I just love it!!!

Outfit Deets: Skater Tank (Zumiez) / Skirt (Loft) / Shoes (Rainbow) / Jewelry (Various Places) / Lips (Wet n Wild 910D Red Velvet)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Feet are Cursed After Having Twins

You read that right, I think my feet are cursed after having my twins. For some reason my feet swell if I wear heels or non-supportive flats (basically all sandals and flats) for to many days in a row. How whack is that...SMH. I never had this problem with my first daughter and even when I was pregnant with the twins my feet NEVER had swelling issues. It would just so happen that after I had my babies, who are 2 now by the way, my feet still cannot get this swelling crap under control.

Now if I can't wear flats, sandals, or heels...what am I supposed to wear???? I can't wear sneakers to work except for Friday and who wants to wear sneakers everyday anyway. I want to wear the cute shoes. Am I suppose to buy a pair of orthopedic joints????? Because I am not doing that. Not now, not ever. I would say I can go about 3 to 4 days before my feet begin to swell. It starts with my feet becoming a little achy and then my feet start to jiggle when I walk LOL. I can actually feel my feet jiggling...it's so weird.

Sooo when I run into this every week, I have to wear some shoes I hate. I have a pair of shoes with built in comfort, they may be Dr. Scholls but I can't remember. The are very comfortable but lacking in the style department. I think they are meant for people who are on their feet all day. I recently found a pair of shoes with a similar comfort build. They are cap toe and has a 1 1/2 heel on it. They are semi-cute and so far so good.

My feet can get a brake and hopefully these new shoes helps with the swelling. I am to fabulous to rock a pair of orthopedic shoes. I will find a way, hopefully soon, to get this swelling under control. Until then I will alternate between my cute shoes and my kind of orthopedic/not so cute shoes LOL. It is so true that having children can alter your body and not in a good way. The struggle is real out here LMAO!!!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Colorful Pick Me Up

So, today is a rough day. You woke up not feeling 100 percent your usual self. The process to get out the door for work is done with little effort and all you can think about is how many hours until you’re back home. You’re leaving the house with your hair disheveled and your outfit is in need of major work. You simply look like you don’t care…

More often than not, our look for the day is a direct reflection of how we feel. Stress, your mood, being physically drained, the struggle of eating healthy and even the amount of physical activity you get can affect your thoughts and clothing choices. But starting today, we are going to fix that… Tip 1: The way we dress can actually change the way we feel.

Start with your outfit. Your outfit is the base of your look and sets the initial tone. When in need of a pick-me-up opt for bright colors and patterns. Bright colors like yellows, pinks and neon shades are known to positively alter your mood. These colors are energy boosters and will jumpstart positive thoughts, which will help you to survive any challenges that are thrown in your direction. The best prints to “spice up your day” are floral prints. Colorful floral prints are mood boosters. They give off positive energy and keep you alert. So when you are feeling drained and tired — pull out those reds, oranges, yellows and floral prints and lay on your foundation.

The next item to focus on is your accessories. Beginning with your jewelry, look for statement pieces. Bring out your mom’s pearls or put on a

Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4th OOTD

It was crazy hot and raining off and on, but I was determined to not get rained out. This was the first time I was handling a holiday without any of my family. I was OD excited to put everything together and man handle that grill.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bring Out Your Inner Sexy

Every women has insecurities about their bodies. There will always be something you hate about it or don't want another person to see. When it's time to be sexy or intimate your insecurities can lead to a disastrous night. I want to help you get out your comfort zone to bring out that inner sexy. The more you work on it the easier and more comfortable it will become.
  1. Get familiar and explore your body. I say it all the time but looking at yourself naked often will help you accept it and love it. Everyday you should spend time in front of your mirror.
  2. Gradually buy sexy clothes like lingerie or sexy pajamas. Try things with a silk or satin material. Feeling those materials against your skin will help bring out your inner sexy.
  3. Maintain your feet and hands. You don't have to pay a lot of money for pedicures and manicures. Doing simple things like making sure there moisturized and nails are painted can keep you in a good mood.
  4. Another thing that's gets my sexy going is music. I am heavily into all kinds of music and certain songs just puts me in a zone. Try listening to some R&B slow songs. Even some throwback old school music can put you in the right mood.
  5. The most important thing is to get comfortable by yourself. We will all be a little uncomfortable from time to time when we are with a partner but being comfortable in your own skin will help.
It wont happen over night but don't let your issues with your body get in the way of intimacy. Every woman deserves to feel sexy. Work on these tips and you will be that much closer to bringing out your hotness.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday's OOTD

So today it's suppose to be thunderstorms all day SMH, but I didn't want to stick to dress slacks and a button up. The weather has been so crazy this spring and summer, it's hard to wear a lot of my favorite things like dresses because it has been raining majority of the time.

I bought this dress recently and have been dying to wear it. I only have one problem and that is that the skirt under it is really short on me. I run into this problem A LOT. I have a very big butt (in a good way LOL) and it sits up very high. It is hard to find dresses and skirts that will be long enough in the back and not expose my lady parts when I move around. Like many other dresses and skirts I have the under skirt of this dress rides up like no other. So I put leggings on so I can be more comfortable wearing it and not moon everybody LOL.

Now because the weather will be crappy I matched my look with some wedge booties. I hate getting caught in the rain with sandals or flats therefor booties were a great choice and the heel isn't too high so they are comfortable to wear all day. I also wanted to stay away from black shoes because of the leggings. I kept my hair simple in a bun and put on black pearl earrings to keep that simple as well. Being that the entire dress is polka dot, I didn't want to do to much with everything else. Nothing much on the lips except for lips but lip balm. I don't really wear make-up to work because I don't really have the time in the morning with 3 little ones. I do wear lipstick occasionally to work but not often.

Here's the outfit deets:
Dress: Rainbow, Leggings: Don't Remember (had them forever), Shoes: Target, Earrings: Rainbow