Friday, June 28, 2013

Look of the Week

How Do You Style Skater Skirts?

Oh how I love me a skater skirt or dress. Skater skirts and dresses are so versatile, you can them then to work or wear them to the club. Either way you can't go wrong. Like I always say, I have so much fun playing around with colors and pink, yellow, and green is a great pair. No need for a fancy top because this skirt has enough printed detail for your look. Having a couple of things in each color will make the look more complete. What's not to love about this look???

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Is Obesity Really a Disease?????

"In a surprising and controversial decision, the American Medical Association announced on Tuesday that they are now officially classifying obesity as a "disease" in its own right rather than just a "condition" that is a contributing factor to other diseases such as diabetes and heart disease."
Should obesity really be considered a disease?......Absolutely NOT!! Obesity is an extremely sensitive subject and I don't think we will ever come to agree with all the facts or so called facts. Now there reasoning to classify it as a disease:
" is mainly an effort to get treatments covered by insurance companies" 
I do agree that those who can benefit from weight loss and weight management programs but can't afford it will allow them to get the proper help to get them through their journey. HOWEVER...I do feel it will also allow some people to feel more complacent that they do not need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. And just to make it clear:

Being Healthy and Losing Weight is Two Different Things

In no way is this article about weight loss, but the mere fact that obesity and disease does not go hand in hand. I do not want to give obesity, fat, plus size, full figured, or etc. another label. As humans we make our own decisions and at times they can be difficult. I myself deal with a struggle of binge eating that I work through every day. So I understand the daily struggle over weight, size, BMI and etc.

I am NOT Suffering from Obesity Disease
I am a plus size woman and nothing more, nothing less. Labeling is the major problem here. Lets stop trying to put a label on things and lets try implementing things to change the world for the better. I can whole heartedly agree with this next statement:
 "it doesn’t lessen the importance of personal responsibility when it comes to health and that doctors should still be discussing this aspect with patients."
Your health is entirely up to you and regardless of your size embrace the body you have. Just make sure you take care of your body. Always remember skinny does not mean healthy and you can be healthy at any size.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Melissa McCarthy's Skinny Makeover for 'The Heat' Poster Stirs Controversy

Something’s missing in the UK publicity poster for “The Heat,” the new crazy-cop flick starring Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock. What is it? Oh, about 30 pounds, according to a mounting chorus of critics.

“Nobody is unclear [about] what Melissa McCarthy's body size is—she's plus-sized and proud. So why have the designers of this poster done their utmost to Photoshop a good 30lbs off of McCarthy's face?” asked British entertainment blog the Shiznit Friday, touching off an angry blogosphere buzz that just won’t quit.

“This is one of the worst Photoshop jobs I have ever seen," it went on, "but it's not just offensively bad craftsmanship—the intention behind it is downright nasty.”

The new buddy-cop comedy, which opens in the U.S. June 28 and across the pond July 31, has McCarthy playing (what else?) the big ol’ crazy, sloppy Hardy to Bullock’s svelte and Spanx-wearing Laurel. Still, even though it’s the premise, the poster makers seemed determined to slim McCarthy down.

Sarah Maria, body image expert and author of "Love Your Body, Love Your Life", isn't surprised. "Airbrushing and digital editing is so ubiquitous, it's industry standard for practically anything," Maria tells Yahoo Shine. "Even for plus-size modeling—it's how things are sold."

The actor's weight has been much discussed—most notably by Rex Reed, who faced criticism after he referred to her as "tractor-sized," "a humungous creep," and a "female hippo" in his pan of "Identity Thief." She's even addressed the issue herself, confessing, "Sometimes I wish I were just magically a size 6 and I never had to give [my weight] a single thought."

Interestingly enough, "Identity Thief" is the seventh highest grossing movie of 2013 so far—sending a loud and clear message that McCarthy doesn't have to be slimmed down in order to make her palatable to the movie-going public.

No one from 20th Century Fox responded to queries from Yahoo! Shine. Similarly, calls and emails for comment to McCarthy’s publicist, talent agent, and manager were not returned.

Others had plenty to say, though.

On Twitter, comments ranged from "What happened to Melissa McCarthy's face?" to "She looks like the girl in Arrested Development" and "If fat-shaming WORKED, Melissa McCarthy would be a walking skeleton."

The Mary Sue blog also chimed in, writing, "When you consider that somewhere along the line someone involved with 20th Century Fox’s marketing team said ‘Y’know, I think people might be put off if they see this movie co-stars a larger actress. Let’s take a few pounds off the face,’ and when you consider that no one (at least no one with any authority) stepped in and said no, that’s monumentally awful, don’t do that? Yeah, this poster just went from funny-bad to offensive-bad,” writes the Mary Sue, whose tagline is “a guide to girl geek culture.”, the Huffington Post, Jezebel, Crushable and BuzzFeed have also taken the poster to task over altering the actor’s head and neck, with Buzzfeed pointing out that even McCarthy’s eye color seems to have been changed.

This is not the first time that McCarthy’s shape has been shifted in a publicity poster, as a “Bridesmaids” image of the star in a hot-pink gown also appeared to have slimmed her down a bit. There have been other victims, too.

Keira Knightly told Us Weekly, “those things certainly weren’t mine” when she appeared in a 2004 “King Arthur” movie poster with the addition of large breasts. She reportedly put her foot down ahead of time for “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End,” refusing to allow the same type of alterations for those publicity shots.

Kate Hudson’s breasts were similarly pumped up in the posters for the 2008 film “Fool’s Gold,” although the actor said she didn’t mind. “Those really weren't my breasts—my boobs aren't that big,” she told the Mirror. “On there they look perfect, they look great.”

While it's tempting to write off retouched posters as just another example of Hollywood "magic," the potential ripple effects can be considerable. Altered images of celebrities—particularly those designed to make the subject conform to accepted beauty standards—have been found to negatively affect viewers' self-esteem.

"It tends to create an unrealistic view of what people should look like and what people do look like," explains Maria. "It certainly has a negative effect on women, mostly because they then pressure themselves to live up to an unrealistic standard."

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Are You Willing to Sacrifice to be Happy???

There is no secret that for some it is very and I do mean VERY difficult to control cravings for food that is not good for us. I am one of those people that has this problem. After I had my first daughter I was able to eat clean with no problem, but I struggle to do the same at this time. Now I am a healthy lifestyle advocate but I would be lying if I said I don't fall for some amazing cheese cake. The question is can I sacrifice some bomb cheese cake from Wegmans to be healthy and the answer is YES.

Food sacrifices are far more easy to handle for most, but for people who suffer from food addiction, binge eating, and other eating disorders this can be stressful and depressing. What we must focus on is health over disorder. I know it's easier said than done, BUT IT CAN BE DONE. I've done it before and what I must realize is my life isn't the same as before. I only had one child, a free gym membership, and way more free time. I now have three children, no gym membership, I started a business on top of my full time job, and a far as free time....I'm lucky if I get an hour.

I know many of you can relate but today is the END OF EXCUSES!!! No longer will I use my hectic schedule to be an reason not to eat right and exercise. It's all about planning and scheduling. I have to find what works for me and JUST DO IT!!! And so do you.

This is not about losing weight, this is about being healthy. We are the only thing keeping us from being our best. It's ok to start of slow. I encourage you to take your time and find what works for you. You will only be successful by doing things and eating healthy things you enjoy. I hope to be fully back to strictly clean eating, but I know right now I need to take baby steps.

This isn't about dieting it's about a lifestyle change. Are you willing to sacrifice the foods you love to be happy with your body???? I know I am and I hope you are too. Our bodies are our temple and we must take care of it by making it as healthy as possible.

Loving yourself and your body means taking care of it. Love your body ladies!!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Melissa McCarthy Finally Responds to Rex Reed's "Tractor-Sized" Insult

Melissa McCarthy Finally Responds to Rex Reed's "Tractor-Sized" InsultMelissa McCarthy is breaking her silence about Rex Reed, the New York Observer critic who described her as "tractor-sized" when he reviewed her No. 1 comedy Identity Thief in February. Though many other stars came to the actress' defense, the 42-year-old had not publicly addressed Rex's cruel comments until a June 13 interview with The New York Times.
In his scathing and widely reviled critique, Reed called Bridesmaids' breakout star "a gimmick comedian who has devoted her short career to being obese and obnoxious with equal success." In a soft voice, McCarthy said her initial reaction to the piece was "Really?" She then asked, "Why would someone O.K. that?"

Taking the high road, McCarthy added, "I felt really bad for someone who is swimming in so much hate. I just thought, that's someone who's in a really bad spot, and I am in such a happy spot. I laugh my head off every day with my husband and my kids who are mooning me and singing me songs."

Had this occurred when she was 20, McCarthy said, "it may have crushed me." But now that she's raising daughters Vivian, 6, and Georgette, 3, in "a strange epidemic of body image and body dysmorphia," she said reviews like Reed's "just add to all those younger girls, that are not in a place in their life where they can say, 'That doesn’t reflect on me.'"

"That makes it more true," said McCarthy, married to actor Ben Falcone since 2005. "It means you don’t actually look good enough."

The pressure is on for McCarthy to deliver when The Heat (costarring Sandra Bullock) hits theaters June 28. Given their strong fan base, however, it's likely that the buddy-cop comedy will perform well at the box office. And if it doesn't, McCarthy told The New York Times, she's O.K. with that. "I've been trying to play old-lady parts since I was in my 20s," she said, "so I look forward to all of that."

This article originally appeared on Melissa McCarthy Finally Responds to Rex Reed's "Tractor-Sized" Insult

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Do What You Love

I am coming back from Charlotte, NC in high spirits. As most of you know I did a "School of Twerk" workshop with Trophy Wife Fitness. The outcome was more than I expected. Women of all ages and sizes came out to "Twerk", which was excellent! I will definitely plan another one for the Queen City. Dancing is a great way to exercise and something I absolutely love. I encourage you all to find something you love to keep you active and healthy. You don't have to be great at it, JUST LOVE IT!!!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Look of The Week

Pop of Color

 When your look is subtle add a pop of color to spruce it up. Now that it's shorts season these lace shorts can be dressed up or dressed down. My look can be worn to many different places and I chose a small wedge sandal to add more comfort than wearing a high heeled shoe. How are you feeling about this look?