Thursday, October 25, 2012

Your Daughter May Pick Up Your Body Image Issues

Young girls are being subjected to advertisements and other media outlets that influence their perception of what is beautiful more and more everyday. They are targeted because they are easily influenced and will buy more items to look and follow the current trends. As mothers we have to teach them what a positive body image is.

Despite having our own body issues we must not let it carry on to our daughters. We have to educate them on what is beautiful, what is healthy and how to accept the body they was given. We must also pay attention to our daughters emotions, moods and actions.

Some teens feel uncomfortable talking to their parents about what is going on with their bodies and how they are feeling. That has led to many unfortunate things like eating disorders, being promiscuous, cutting, suicide and etc. We have to make sure we pay attention and speak up when it is needed.

You should be your daughters best example of how she should love and treat her body. Don't let the world be her teacher. You don't want the wrong thing or person to influence her. If that means you need to educate yourself more on certain subject then you need to do just that.

I know we wont be able to catch everything but at least you will know that you did your best and you will help her along her journey.

Be your daughters biggest role model!!!!!

Peace & Love

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