Friday, August 30, 2013

I Feel Like a Librarian OOTD

Have you ever put on an outfit and feel like a completely different person. Well that's me in this look. I feel like a librarian, a sexy librarian that is. It's fun to do too. It can help you get into a fun and positive mood. Who will you become this weekend???

Outfit Deets: Shirt: Target / Skirt: Forever21 / Shoes: Target / Jewelry: Gifted

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Love for the Babydoll Dress

I love me a babydoll dress, BUT babydoll dresses and plus sizes can be tricky. A lot of times I find that they will make you look bigger than you are and does nothing for your shape. What I have found that makes the difference is the material of the dress. Stiff and none stretchable materials is what will have you looking boxy. You want to find the most breathable, stretchy and flowy (if that's a word) material. It will flow with your body and lay perfectly to your frame so your not looking like a lamp shade. Babydoll dresses are the cutest so get you one.

 Outfit Deets: Dress: Thrifted / Shoes: Target

Monday, August 26, 2013

Neon Fun OOTD

I found some awesome reversible skirts at Target on sale for $6 Whoot Whoot. I had to buy all of them but unfortunately the blue wasn't in my size. I had seen these skirts in another Target but not in my size. A great rule of thumb is if you see something you love and they don't have your size, try another store. Usually you will be able to find it in your size if you shop all their stores. Anywhoo I wanted to wear the neon side because neon is popping right now. Basically I got 4 skirts for the price of 2. Can't complain about that.

 Outfit Deets: Blouse: Forever21 / Skirt: Target / Shoes: Target

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pardon my Cellulite

 “This post is part of the October 2013 DailyVenusDiva 'Thrive In Your Curves' blog carnival.

If you can believe this is my first summer wearing shorts and short skirts a dresses...IT's TRUE. I was like many plus size women and was very insecure about showing my legs. I would just suffer through the summer heat in jeans or maxi dresses. This year was all about embracing the body I have regardless of what people may think. My thighs are covered with cellulite, but what's crazy is I had less cellulite when I was wearing jeans in the summer. It may not be appealing to some but I refuse to keep myself covered. I love my body and I am not afraid to show you who I am. Ladies it's ok to show off your arms or legs. EMBRACE THEM!!!

Style Info: I have worn this tank top before in a previous post (here) and some of you thought it was a cropped tank, but it is not. This is a men's tank but I loved it and had to get one. I don't wear sneakers often but having style is being able to switch it up without losing your spark. My boyfriend ended up wearing the same brand tee and sneakers as me (he wanted to be twins lol). It was just a fun day to kick back and chill.

Outfit Deets: Diamonds Tank: Zumies / Shorts: Rainbow / Sneakers: Jordans 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Model Call

Syracuse Fashion Week

September 12, 2013

Size Fabulous is Looking for a Fabulous Plus Size Woman to be a Live Mannequin

Please submit the following information to

·        Full name and best contact information.

·        2 photos: One headshot and one full body photo. (No bathroom pics, or selfies allowed). Make sure they are of good quality.

·        Your Sizes: Tops, bottoms, dress, and shoes. Also include your height.

You must be available the evenings of September 8th, 11th, and 12th

This is a paid position

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Boss Status OOTD

I can't help but feel very powerful this morning. I am not lying when I say your outfit can change your whole mood for the better. I was tired and didn't want to go to work, who does, this morning. I already had my look picked out last night so all I had to do was put it on and boy did it perk me up like coffee. I just got these shoes on Monday and couldn't wait to rock them. Everything was planned around my shoes and just fell into place with no problem. Now I'm walking around with a smile on my face all because of what I am wearing.

Outfit Deets: Shirt: Walmart / Skirt: Lane Bryant / Shoes: ShoeDazzle / Necklace: Gifted

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Mastered Bun and Skater Dress

Buns are all the rage in hairstyles this summer. They have a way of making you look more polished and chic...unless your doing a messy bun. I have been working on perfecting my bun without using any tools like socks or bun creators. My hair is long but gets thin towards the end, but today I was able to create the best bun yet without any gaps and I am loving it!

Quick Style Note: As much as I love a cute skater dress or skirt, the length is always a challenge for me. I have a hard time finding one that will keep me from mooning people. I did find this dress that has a length that I am comfortable with, just don't let the wind blow...yikes. Since I loved the length, I bought this dress in two other colors...yes I have three of the same style dress. It's just so fun and flirty I couldn't pass them up.

Outfit Deets: Dress: Rainbow / Shoes: Target / Belt: JcPenney

Monday, August 19, 2013

Don't Be in Love with Being in Love

Since I have been working on my inner self I have been doing a lot of thinking about what I look for in a man and relationship. This has not also came without trial and error. I've written a post before about plus size women and dating but this goes a little bit beyond that. My sister told me about a list she was told to write; about what she looks for in a mate including things that are an absolute must and some things that she prefers but isn't a deal breaker. I love that idea!
The things I accepted before, I will no longer tolerate in my relationships. Going through my on again off again relationship with my daughter's father has been tough but we are working on making it great. I also had an on and off again "dating" or "messing around" type of relationship for a couple years also with a guy. In each relationship I was always scared to speak up for certain things because I didn't want to run them off. I always wanted that great relationship like everyone else but I compromised my happiness for all these years just to be single again from time to time.

When you are in an actual boyfriend/girlfriend relationship always stand up for yourself and BE YOURSELF. Don't get lost in his world only making him happy and not you. Any man that truly loves you will love your regardless of your faults and will meet you half way in every aspect of the relationship. Now there are men that do love their woman but don't appreciate her or show her the love she needs until its too late. That happens so many times. They do the bare minimum to keep you but not enough to keep you happy. When the female gets tired of it and move one now they're hurt. Now they want to prove to you what kind of man they can be but its to late.

If a man can't be that man you need in the beginning way waist your time. I'm not talking about you wanting a man to be rich but a man that is rich in LIFE. The man that is a homie, lover, friend and has all the goals and aspirations that you look for in a husband. If he doesn't meet you half way or he doesn't posses the qualities you have on your list then move on. You CAN NOT change a man into what you want him to be.

Also when you decide to simply "mess" with someone set some standards with that as well. There is nothing wrong with that type of relationship but set some boundaries. Let him know he can't treat you like a doormat. The guy I used to see swore we didn't have a booty call type of relationship but he treated it like one. He only called at night and never answered his calls or text. All the while he wanted me to believe we had something more. So that last time we spoke I went off on him. I didn't want to be a booty call and I wasn't going to be one. Needless to say the calls stopped coming after that conversation and I was happy they did.

I am no longer into changing men or settling for less than I deserve because I want a companion. There is someone for everyone and that will happen in due time. All that silliness I fell for before will never happen again. I look back at how foolish I have been but it can't even say I was foolish. I was a girl in love with love and took any kind love that was given to me.

Stay strong ladies and know your worth. Your prince charming will be waiting for you at the right time. No need to waist any your time or life on a man that doesn't fit your life in the right way.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Sneak Peek at Sonsi's 2013 Costume Shop

I had the privilege to get a sneak peek at Sonsi's Costume Shop for 2013, which will officially launch this Saturday with sizes 12-30. I know Halloween is a couple months away but many people start to look for costumes as early as the end of August. I haven't dressed up much for Halloween since my teenage years and even then I would have to throw things together from my closet since most stores didn't carry costumes in my size or all the cute costumes were sold out by the time I went.

I am learning that to stay on top of the fashion game as well as to get the bomb items,us plus size women want, that online is wear it's at. Although I hate it, I am happy that there are options for us. Since my little ones are old enough to start going trick or treating I am definitely going to join in the festivities of getting a costume.

Sonsi's Costume Shop has every costume you can think of from characters to occupations. I know where I'll be getting my costume from. Here are a few pictures of fabulous costumes they have in the shop.

This year is all about having fun for Halloween so what do you want to dress up as?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'm the Biggest Girl in The Gym

Finally deciding to get healthy is a big step for anyone. Regardless of size, health is the most important factor to maintain. I congratulate all of you who have starting and are currently working hard to become and living healthy. It is no secret that I am battling my own weight loss and healthy journey. After many years of not actually working out in the gym (I usually work out at home) I have signed up with my love to get back in there.

I have found that I will work harder and stay focused if I have other people around me, not to mention I'm spending money on it. When walking to the cardio equipment, I was surveying the area and sure enough I was the biggest person in the room. Did that stop me....NOPE! Many women and men tend to shy away from gyms and other fitness areas because they are scared to show their larger bodies and ultimately feeling judged by others. I sometimes feel that way too. Its always in the back of my mind what others may think but IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT ANYONE ELSE THINKS!

The other gym members do not know your story. It is up to you to stay focused on your goal and strive for the best. Just think about the end result and how happy you will be when you reach your goal of a healthier life. I wanted to give you a few tips to make it easier to handle being the big girl in the gym.
  • There will being other plus size people at the gym even if you are bigger than them just know that you are not alone in your journey.

  • If possible bring a friend you can talk to. It will keep your mind off of everyone else.

  • Create a workout plan. This will keep you focused on your tasks.

  • Take your time and do it right! Do not kill or hurt yourself trying to do things you can't handle.

  • Say positive messages to yourself to keep you going.

  • Wear cute a colorful workout clothes.

  • If you need help, ask the staff. Most gyms provide trainers or staff to help you with equipment.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Did Harper's Bazaar Fail Gabourey Sidibe????

Not often, if ever do we get to see a plus size celebrity, model, woman in an editorial spread for Harper's Bazaar. When I heard Gabourey Sidibe was featured along with other celebrities and models I was excited. I am still excited about it. It shows that we are making our way to being included in mainstream and popular magazines.

I feel like the only difference between plus and straight size women is their size. They are still as beautiful and fabulous as their counterparts. Yet we are still treated as if we can and don't have the same life. I recently had a high school friend on Facebook talk about her horrible experience over hearing a group of boys say she would be cute if her body was smaller. She is now in the process of planning  weight loss surgery and I hurt for her. Plus size women is constantly made to feel that we are not good enough simple because we carry a heavier frame. It's not that we are mean or hurtful people, we just weigh more.

Looking at plus size women in magazines and on TV gives us hope that we are on the verge of being completely accepted. HOWEVER when a plus size person is featured in something and they make her look worse than everyone else it is a big let down and the feeling that we are still not accepted is heard loud and clear. I love that Gabby was featured but her clothing selection was beyond terrible and a bit disrespectful is you ask me.

After looking at the other women that was features it is very clear that they had no idea how to dress Gabby. I find it hard to believe that at this time they could not find more flattering pieces to have her wear. I understand that this was a high fashion editorial spread by lets get real. The title of the shoot is called "Singular Beauty", but there is nothing beautiful about how they made Gabby look.

Let's breakdown her outfit. She is in all black for the most part. I don't know if they thought it would make her look more slim, but fist of all the blacks are two different shades. They look like pajamas and do nothing for her figure. She has on basic black pumps also which is fine. Now this jacket honey.....Fail.The coat is very straight and makes her look boxy. It would have been better if it was buttoned up and tied around the waist to give her a more feminine silhouette. To top of this horrible look the put a scarf on her head. The scarf is cute but makes her face look very round. It would have looked better if maybe they created a wrap style or turban style head piece.

I have not seen one person say anything positive about Gabourey's photo and doubt we will. I think it is a disservice to feature a plus size woman and dress her horribly. We have too many plus size high fashion designers for her to not have something fabulous to wear. All I can do is SMH at this photo of Gabourey. I have included some of the other people photographed for "Singular Beauty" so you can see how they look.

How do you feel about Gabby's picture?????

Are You RED-y for Mission Alfresco

When I think of all red for a Rescue Mission event I think of love for my family, friends and my community. Mission Alfresco is a wonderful event the Rescue Mission has planned and everyone’s excitement is bursting at the seams. For those who are unfamiliar, you and your family or friends will meet at a location for dinner and fun with others in the community while wearing red. Not only do you have to wear red but all of the items you bring have to be red as well. This is a time to enjoy family, friends, food and fun while supporting a great cause – ending hunger and homelessness in our community

I had the pleasure to speak with some of the awesome ladies that are helping coordinate this event. I can tell you that this is an occasion you don’t want to miss. This year will also focus on fabulous fashions finds and the outfits you put together. There is no specific style stated, so you can be as creative as you would like. This cause is all about having fun and enjoying the night so keep that in mind. You want to wear things that you are most comfortable in while still incorporating your style.

To further support the Rescue Mission, They are encouraging everyone to create a look from your local Rescue Mission Thrifty Shopper Store. Not only will you further support the cause, you will also save money. I love exploring the local thrift store. You will always find great items and clothing you wouldn’t expect to see in a thrift store. With having unlimited options to create your look the biggest tip I can give you is to have fun.

There are a few things you can incorporate into your clothing items to make it more engaging. Prints like floral, polka-dot and strips will always give your outfit a little boost. But don’t forget about your accessories and shoes. These are items that you will have more leeway with and they don’t have to necessarily be red. Although red is the theme it can be hard to find shoes and jewelry that is completely red so this gives you the opportunity to add subtle colorful touches.

As you put your look together think about the love you will share with your community. At first glance wearing one color may not be your ideal outfit choice, but wearing one color to show your support of others is what matters. It will be fun to see what everyone puts together. Whether you are coming with your spouse or your entire family this is the time to get inspired.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Simple Goes a Long Way OOTD

It takes me forever to get dressed most mornings. Either I can't find what I really want to wear or I hate what I picked out the night before. Today was one of those days. I wanted to wear a skirt but didn't want to wear heels. I'm still working on my mid heel options as most of my shoes are at least 4 inches. BUT I didn't have any flats that I was feeling....The Struggle

After finding the skirt I wanted to wear I was stuck without a shirt....that was a journey too. I wish I could have a closet like Cher in Clueless or my own stylist. So what I ended up doing was just put on a simple black top and cute 3 inch sandals. I added some jewelry to keep my look from not being boring also. Today was a very simple look but it goes a long way.

Outfit Deets: Top: Burlington / Skirt: ASOS Curve / Shoes: ShoeDazzle / Necklace: Rainbow / Bracelet: Gifted