Thursday, October 4, 2012

Your Opinion is Just That An OPINION Not Fact

These past few weeks I have been encountering so many things when It comes to people comments about being plus size, fat, obese or whatever you prefer to call it. Now Size Fabulous was created to give voice to plus size women, help build confidence and empower women to embrace the bodies they have.

In no way to I promote people to live unhealthy life styles, but I am only in control of my life and the life style I live. If you want to be a big girl and stay a big girl that's on you. If you are dying to be skinny and doing everything to lose weight, that is on you. I can't make people lose weight nor do I want to. Size Fabulous is to help women love themselves and their bodies regardless of their size or life style.

The negative comments I get are just so crazy to me. How can anyone judge someone an not know them. How can you say you know whats best for them. How can you assume they have this, that or going through something. I posted this picture on my facebook page and the negative and backhanded compliments were just ignorant.

Some of the comments this picture received was:

  • Wtf kinda shit is this?
  • Im sorry but this is not good to show the plump bodies! i can say this cause im a full size woman to i am 5'6 and weight 160! and i am proud of my self but whether full size or skinny you shouldn't be showing the world what you got. And besides those rolls do not look attractive. I keep myself at a certain weight and if i start getting extra rolls that don't belong its time to exercise harder and eat healthier! cause i bet all those women have high blood pressure! and there's nothing attractive about that!
  • Who ever Posted this Bull Shit you know Dam well none of these give it up like this in their real life maybe one out the five but the Air Broom they used to touch up this pic was used a great deal trust #NoDisrespect
  • What is all this nosense for? Stop posting this rubbish on facebook
  • Some of them are pretty but they do need to loose some weight and by doing so they may be even healtier. No offense intended just saying.
At no point in time did anyone put a gun to these people head to make them look at this photo. They could have continued to scroll through, but nope they chose to comment as if that would change anyone else's outlook on the picture.

Just because you don't find plus size, fat, overweight, obese or big woman attractive doesn't mean everyone else feels the same way. And just because these women are over weight doesn't mean they have medical issues. People can be so ignorant, rude and hurtful and it is so unnecessary. Like your mom always said before "If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all".

How hard is it to not comment negatively on things???? That is why I want to help women build tough skin so comments like these will not affect their confidence or self esteem. If I can help at least one person then I know I'm doing something right.

OK my venting is over (lol)

Peace & Love


  1. I think you are right. Nobody made those people look at that picture. I think it beautiful and I give those women a lot of credit to do it. All I read was people being bullies. Maybe they need to look at there own life before they can judge others.

  2. I like how somehow judging someone who is "full figured" because, you AS WELL are "full figured" is brought up. Like, "I work hard not to look the way you look so you should look like me too".