Saturday, January 28, 2017

No One Wants a Large Miss Universe

It's so cliché to say "It's 2017, why is this still an issue?" But that is just the case for the topic of a woman that is not the "standard" size of society to do great things. I have not been watching the Miss Universe Pageant, but I did come across a lot of articles on the obsession people have about Miss Canada's size. Lets be very clear! Miss Canada, Siera Bearchell, is far from overweight. However compared to all the other pageant women that are typically thin she does have a larger frame.

Siera has not always been the size she is right now. At Miss Supranational 2015 Bearchell was slim like her counterparts. When asked about her weight gain in an interview she stated:
"This competition is more than what we look like. It's about being comfortable with who we are, it's about sharing a message that is important to us."