Thursday, August 2, 2012

This is Why the Perception of Beautiful is Wrong

So what is wrong with this picture??????? When I saw this, I had to comment on it. Victoria Secret and Dove both have a body image campaign but I, and many others, have a problem with Victoria Secret selection of models.

Now any kind of body image campaign to embrace your body is excellent. However, how can people who look nothing like the models relate. Those models are stick figures, they cant possibly be more than a size 4. Dove, on the other hand, has women of all sizes. Doves ad is more realistic and relatable.

Putting out ads like Victoria Secrets is why societies perception on what is beautiful is wrong. Adults and teens always are looking for whats hot or beautiful and many want to change themselves to be considered just that. The problem is what people have to do to themselves to look like something that is unrealistic. And when its put out there by a major company leading in the industry of sexiness it reaches many people. Who wouldn't want to be a Victoria Secret model???? I love Victoria Secret but I am beyond disappointed and saddened by their ad.

How can you be a leader in what is sexy and never have models in sizes higher than around a 4 (besides Tyra Banks). I'm happy Dove decided to put out a campaign for all women. Not only are the women in Victoria Secret's ad skinny but they are beyond photoshoped. I don't think Victoria Secret should have a Love Your Body Campaign if they are not going to promote every kind of woman.

How do you feel about it????? Leave your comments.

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