Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Fat" Black Women Are To Confident Which is Keeping Them Fat?????

So lately I have been hearing this and it is just crazy to me. So many things comes across my mind when I hear statements like this. I recently read a blog on this issue and I wanted to give my response on this subject as well.

How can any fat or skinny woman have to much confidence? That's whats so crazy to me. Are they saying because your fat you should not have the same confidence as a skinny girl because you will stay fat and unhealthy???? As if having no confidence or self esteem will make you lose weight and become healthier. People should always be encouraged to love themselves but still make healthier lifestyle choices.

Black women bodies are and has always been more curvaceous and full figured. So we embrace that!! Our race is known for big butts, large breast and wide hips. Even though any woman that is over weight usually receives the same criticism, black women are more forgiving in regards to certain areas of the body. We love to have a nice size butt, breast and hips. Does this make us wrong and unhealthy for wanting to keep them? Is this the reason we are trying to stay big??? Absolutely not!!!!!

Our confidence has no effect on our weight. Our weight can have an effect on our confidence. Whats wrong with loving your body at your size. Some women don't feel like they need to lose weight while they live a healthy lifestyle. I live a healthy lifestyle for the most part, eating very limited proceed foods and getting about a half hour of exercise in everyday and I am still a bigger women with tons of confidence.

When will people stop putting stereotypes on races and people in general? This opinion on "Fat" black women is just that, It's an opinion not the truth and yet it's put out there like its a fact. Statement like these are to be ignored. If they have never lived a day in your shoes never take something like this to heart. You know and will do what is right for you and your body. I know I am. The ignorance of the world is just sad and that is something we should not have to involve ourselves in.

Never lose your confidence ladies. Whether you are a size 2 or 22 confidence is key. I do encourage you all to live a healthy life style but in the way you feel is best for you and if you feel you are fine at the size you are that is totally ok to.

As always I am here for support and questions.

Peace & Love

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