Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Wellness Check

Good Morning Lovelies,

Energy, energy and more energy is what I have. I have been doing excellent with eating right and excersizing and it is definitly paying off. Im so happy and motivated. I am finally serious and ready to become healthy and I am not going to let anything or anyone get in my way.

So as far as eating I am mostly eating fruits, vegetables and lean meats. I am trying to stay away from proccessed food but I do allow my self to eating a few things that are. I do however make sure they are healthier than the regular stuff. For example I love chicken strips and I was able to find a healthier version. They are Perdue's Simply Smart Chicken Strips. They are lightly breaded with whole wheat flour and one 3oz. serving is only 140 calories. I found that if I dont think about the food I'm not eating, I'm ok. When I do have a craving I either chew very minty gum or just have a talk with myself. I allowed myself to have a couple slices of Papa Johns pizza and some wings and I was able to control my portions and go back to healthier foods right after. Now thats progress!!!! I also read something that deffinitly helped me, it said "Instead of saying I can't eat, say I don't eat". That works and has helped me.

I am still excersizing just about everyday. I am however mainly doing Zumba. When I'm home with the kids, it's hard to be on the treadmill. Because they are so young, it's hard to keep them away from it while I'm on it. It it can get boring at times also. I did a bit of the Insanity workout but Zumba is becomeing my favorite. I LOVE to dance and miss performing like I used to. I get a great workout doing it and it shows. I can see a difference in certain parts of my bodyand I've lost more weight. I will continue to maily do Zumba for now.

So how have your journeys with getting healthier???? Remember I'm here for support or if you have any questions.

Peace & Love

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