Monday, August 27, 2012

Fat Girl = Easy

So I have an Instagram account (sn: Size Fabulous) and I did a search with hastags #plussize, #curvy, #fullfigured and etc. I found a variety of nice looking full figured women, but the majority of pics were half naked or fully nude pictures of plus size women. Why would anyone skinny or fat degrade themselves in that manor for attention. Do they feel that being a big girl that doesn't show her goods will give her less play?????

I remember growing up and I used to think that. I thought I had to do more and show more just to get the attention my skinny friends got. That was also when I was more insecure about my body. Is it that deep down inside these women are insecure and feel like that's the only way they can gain an abundance of attention?????

We have to do better ladies. There is nothing positive that will come from posing have naked and dressing have naked. You get what you put out there. There are many ways to be sexy other than wearing lingerie. This also goes for how women act in the clubs and other social settings. Some plus size women constantly act very ho like just for the attention. Then get upset when all the man want to do is have sex. Are you that scared to not be the center of attention?

It's very sad to see these women out here like this. That is one reason I want to help all plus size women build there confidence and self esteem. I firmly believe women will act in a more respectful manor if they have a better body image of themselves. There's nothing wrong with looking sexy but its many ways to be sexy without taking pics in a thongs or wearing practically nothing at the club.

My mission is to change our outlook on our bodies. The plus size community has to come together and help others boost there self esteem and confidence. Together we can change not only our perception but other people perceptions of us. I love all my plus size women and I will help anyone I possibly can.

How do you feel seeing plus size women baring it all for attention? Why do you thing they do it?


  1. I totally agree with aspect I was thinking about that popped in my head when I saw the headline for this post was the feeling I have had for years that men think we are easy cause we are "fat". I have found throughout my years that some men always assumed that I was going to give it up easily as if I was desperate or something. I know at one point in my life I used sex against some men to prove a point of making you want and yearn for a woman you NEVER thought you would because of my size but realized that I was still allowing them to win...What do you think about this subject???

  2. I think that could go either way. In some situations it can make the guy really get to know you and sex will not be a problem. On the other hand it can push the guy away beacuse he feels you are playing games. You just have to make wise choices and not play games. If he is really in to you he will wait until you are ready to have sex.