Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Wellness Check

Hows it going ladies?????

I have been doing really good lately. Continuing with the same regimen as before. This wellness check will be a bit short as nothing has really changed in my process.

My eating is still on track. I am making sure I continue to eat healthy. I have had a sore throat for the past couple of days which has led me to eat less. Hopefully It will get better soon. On a positive note I have been trying out new recipes. I don't want to get bored and I sure have been enjoying it. Everything I have made has tasted excellent. I get so excited by the success of a new meal.

I have slacked off on exercising but it will definitely be back on track starting tonight. I have to make sure that even if I don't feel like working out I will do at least 30 minutes. Zumba is still my main method of exercise right now.

Everything is still a working process and I am still motivated to make changes in my life. I hope you guys are still going hard in your journey and don't let obstacles stop you.

Again I'm here for support or any questions.

Peace & Love

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