Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Wellness Check

Good Morning My Fabulous Ones,

The weekend is toooooo short, but how is everyone? Well I have been doing very well and I plan to keep it that way. I have been eating very healthy and working out just about everyday.


So I am still eating mainly lean meats, veggies and fruit. I am also getting farther away from processed foods. My biggest thing is to not think about what I cant eat and figure out ways to make what I can eat taste really good. Lately I have been looking up recipes and just experimenting with different seasoning. So far I have been creating very tasty things. Last night I made the best tasting salmon I have ever ate. One major thing I'm now doing is making sure I'm eating a ton of protein.

Eating Plan

I eat every three hours with my last meal at around 6:15 no later than 7pm
Each meal is around 300 calories
Protein is the main source but a good amount of fruits and veggies
I try to only eat bread no more than once a day
I limit high starchy foods

So far this has been working great for me.


So my main source of exercise is Zumba. I do that about six days a week. This week I am going to incorporate strength training. I hear so much about the benefits but never did it at home. I already have a couples of weights so I definitely need to put those to use. I plan to do that three times per week.

Last week I wasn't able to workout at all do to family being in town but I was still able to lose a good amount of weight just be eating very healthy. I would buy my own meals to eat because everyone wanted to order out the whole time. Bringing my own food definitely helped me stay on track.

 I am hoping that my journey can help at least one person get on the right track. And of course you guys know I am here for support or if you have any questions.

Peace & Love

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