Saturday, August 4, 2012

Plus size model Kellie Waller launches The Body Project

The Body Project is the innovative idea of plus size model Kellie Waller from Dover, Kent. To tackle the issue of body image she is striving to show that it is health and confidence which defines beauty, not size. To this end Kellie has planned and executed a fashion shoot showing healthy girls between the sizes of 6 and 22, including herself, in a bid to show girls that they do not have to be a size zero to be attractive.

Kellie organised the photo shoot which includes 12 girls most of whom have never modeled before to display on her dedicated Facebook page called The Body Project. She said: “The reason I wanted to do this is because I am fed up of hearing about young girls dying from eating disorders and larger ladies making themselves seriously ill from fad diets. You hear on the news about young girls starving themselves to try and be a size zero, maybe even killing themselves, and that makes me so sad… long as you are healthy and happy then you should love the skin you are in.”

plus size body Kellie Plus size model Kellie Waller launches The Body Project
The Body Project: Kellie Waller

Kellie hopes to get more interest in The Body Project internet campaign. At the moment the Facebook page has 257 members and as support grows she hopes to do more photo shoots and include calendars and key rings. Indeed, at the moment she is planning another photo shoot in the South East so if you would like to get involved in front of or behind the camera visit The Body Project to find out more at

The Body Project has a mission: to get everyone to embrace what and who they are. Beauty lies with every size. Kellie says “If by doing this I can get even one girl to stop and think about what she is doing to herself and hopefully get her to change her mind, The Body Project will be a success.”
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