Friday, August 10, 2012

Fat, Full-Figured or Plus Size Women Are All Works Of Art

Fat, Full-Figured or Plus Size Women Are All Works Of Art: From the beginning of time to about the early 1900′s full-figured women weren’t called ‘Fat’ or made fun of. They were called ‘Normal’ & ‘beautiful’ and every painter fell in love with them. The art history for plus size women is extensive. Why you ask? Because we are beautiful; our cuves are warm, sassy and strong and men cannot get enough of them.

Here are the famous images of Peter Paul Rubens:
Image Credit: The Judgement of Paris

Not only did he love painting full-figured women, he proudly showed off their nude bodies.
History tends to repeat iteself and this isn’t a bad thing. Here we have Fernanado Botero,a hand-painter of oil paintings that involves ‘Fat’ women as he likes to call it. He isn’t poking fun at us, he is saying that ‘Fat’ is beautiful.

The best empowerment source is YOU. You are the painter now, your curves are the art work. Paint lovely colors on yourself. Do not be shy and wear blue, reds, orange and white. Stop wearing that ‘black’ that hides all of your greatness. Look within yourself and earn that power and share it with the world.

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