Thursday, August 30, 2012

How Do You Define Beauty?


Another day, another Beyoncè cover, except this time the songstress has been voted PEOPLE magazine’s most beautiful woman in the world.

Not the first time Beyoncè has been on a most beautiful list and certainly not the first time for a celebrity, but what exactly does it take to be the most beautiful woman in the world?

Many of us see women everyday that could hands down beat Beyoncè in a beauty contest without the fancy clothes, extra hair and fame, but none of those women would even come close to being on a world’s most beautiful list. If you look at some of these “beautiful” lists it seems that the only qualification is to be uber popular at the moment, other than that they never give any real reason as to why these people are beautiful. I mean, what defines beauty?

Any of us could look “beautiful” with a $2K a day styling team, but when you strip all that away what is the real definition of beauty. Would Beyoncè, Rihanna or Halle Berry be as beautiful to these list makers if they weren’t famous? And what about inside beauty? Very few of these lists, if any, mention the “beauty” that comes from these celebrities giving back to communities, being mentors and standing up for social causes … aren’t those things that can make a person beautiful?

Part of me feels that these lists are totally superficial, and part of me feels like they’re created because many of us really have no idea of how to define beauty. Beauty can be so many things that it’s hard to contain it all into a simple phrase or person, so editors around the world gather up famous people in hopes of at least coming close to a definition.

For me beauty is defined not just physically, but in your mind, body and soul. Your thoughts, your features, your empathy and generosity towards others, and more, all combine to create a thing of beauty. Not going to say Beyoncè doesn’t deserve the honor, I don’t know her to define her by my personal definition of beauty, but something tells me PEOPLE’s list was more of a popularity contest and that’s not beauty … that’s just superficial.

How do you define beauty???

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