Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fat Prejudice

Are you prejudice against obese people?

If you find yourself reeling back at the thought of someone who is overweight, then it’s possible that you’re a promoter of fat prejudice. A new online poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos tested 1,143 adults and their attitudes towards people who are obese. The poll found that this line of thinking often caused fat prejudice. 61 percent of those who took the survey had “personal choices about eating and exercising” and 19 percent believed the actions of food manufacturers and the fast-food industry were cause for inciting prejudice.
Here are three ways to stop being fat prejudice:
  1. Embrace Those Who are Overweight – If your attitude suggests that you are shunning those who are fat, it’s time to change your tune. Imagine how you would feel in their shoes! Check yourself at the door if you find yourself judging someone.
  2. Encourage a Group workout – If you think that people who are obese aren’t working out the way they should be, then create a team and encourage them to get in shape with you!
  3. Readjust Your Thinking – Instead of dwelling on the negative aspects of a person, dwell on the positive aspects of them. Once you change your way of thinking you will be able to help those more than you hurt them.
Article courtesy of www.frugivoremag.com

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