Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Wellness Check

Every monday I will post all things related to becoming a healthier you. This is not for weight loss for you to just become skinny. That is not my goal. Not all women are made to be skinny and some dont want to be skinny. Like myself I dont want to be skinny, I just want to get down to a healthier weight and size. Also with articles and information I find, I will also include my weight loss journey for those who would like to read. So lets get started.

After yo-yo dieting this year, I have taken a vow to create a healthy weight loss plan and stick to it. After losing 60lbs previously, I know it possible. It will deffinitly be harder this time around since I have had twins and dont have the time to excerisize like I did before but Im determined now more than ever. This time I am going to gradually change things instead of going completly strict right away. That may be the cause of me falling off the diet. So with that said:

My weight today is 272 pounds.
My mood is very optimistic and im excited to tackle this.

I dont have a goal weight Im trying to reach. Again I just want to get down to a healthy size and weight. Starting today I am changing my serving sizes and portions. That is very important even if the food is healthy. Always read the nutrition lable so you know how much you should consume of that item and also know how many calories it is.

I encourage everyone reading this to takes takes become a healthier you. Check back every Monday to check out my progress.

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