Saturday, June 30, 2012

Body Confident Campaign Message

This message is from author, publisher, and speaker Caroline Pover; based on her TED Talk on Women’s Spaces & Places — The Bedroom (aka “I Love My Bum!”):

I’m happy to say that I’ve always had an open-minded and confident attitude towards sex, and I attribute this to growing up in a home where nobody ever told me that my body should be any shape other than the one it actually was. We need to raise girls to be brave enough to ignore the unrealistic images that are thrown at them on a daily basis, brave enough to ignore the friends who obsess about diets and weight loss, and brave enough to ignore what they THINK boys want their bodies to look like.
But it isn’t really about men, friends, the media, or ANYONE else — it’s about every woman and what she thinks of her body (and especially the part of your body that you probably don’t like to think about — your bum!). We need to love our bodies, and especially our bums, just the way they are. When you love your body, all that time and energy wasted on negative feelings about yourself disappears, and a whole world opens up. A world where you are free to be everything you are meant to be, and do everything you are meant to do!

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