Monday, July 9, 2012

My Monday Wellness Check

Good Afternoon Fabulous Ones,

So I don't want to call last week a failure but more of a stepping stone to get myself in the right direction. The only thing I focused on was portion control and serving sizes. That didn't go to well and the reason I think it didn't work well is because I still ate sweets, chips, soda and etc.

My main problem is that I'm an over eater when it comes to those types of things. The more I eat sweets the more I crave them. Although I did cut back, I still ate more than I should have. This just lets me know that I can not include them in my journey to getting healthier. I thought I would still be able to eat small treats here and there, but I was sadly mistaken. I actually don't fell bad about it either. Everything comes from trial and error. I tried to incorporate sweets and it did not work.

So over the weekend I went grocery shopping and I bought myself only healthy foods. The only problem is that my boyfriend, whom I live with, doesn't eat healthy in the slightest. I do however keep his snacks in the cabinet. This will be the hardest thing, not falling for temptation. That is something that I will be determined not to do. I know in order to change my eating habits it starts from me. I'm the only one that can control what I eat. I definitely think I can make it happen.

The goal for this week is to create a healthy eating plan and incorporate exercises. I will have to put the whole house on a schedule because I work and have three small children. I know its possible and I have to get serious in every aspect to make sure I get the results I want. Hopefully this can get you in gears as well. Please contact me if you have any questions about my weight loss plan.

Oh and if your wondering I didn't lose or gain this week.

Peace and Love

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