Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday's From Me 2 You

Hello Lovelies,

So it hasn't even been a month since I started my blog and I am getting very good feed back. I'm definitely ready for all challenges and I want to spread all the encouragement I possibly can. I am open and honest and everything comes from my own experiences. My message is simple but for some its hard to do. That is to embrace your body and be fabulous.

 I know for some of you embracing your body is an every day challenge and trust me I have my days. Its nothing like going through your whole closet because nothing is fitting you right. Or put on clothes to find out you no longer can fit that size. Ive been there and its not a happy moment. That can even become a depressing moment for some. We have to learn how to brush it off and bounce back.

That starts by changing our mindset. Don't feel like because your friend or sister is skinny that they're better. Everyone is equal. Nothing gets me more upset than being compared to someone based on unrealistic expectations. Everyone is different and the way you carry yourself will let people know who you are. I have never been one to conform to other's opinions or feel down because I don't fall in their idea of beautiful. I know that I am beautiful and every morning when you look in the mirror you have to remind yourself of that.

You are beautiful, your body is beautiful, your mind is beautiful and your spirit is beautiful. No one can keep that from you but yourself. So embrace what you were blessed with. Now if you want to lose weight then do it. Just make sure your doing it for the right reasons. If you do it to make other people happy even if you do become smaller you still wont be happy because it wasn't don't for the right reason. In no way do i promote being unhealthy, but I cant ignore that some people are. That is why part of my journey, to help others become more healthy and ignore the stereotypes they face everyday.

I'm taking Size Fabulous global and will be starting to plan events to reach out to the communities to help all plus size women and teens. If you would like for me to participate in any events don't hesitate to contact me. If you just need a person to speak to don't hesitate to contact me. I'm here to build awareness and help. I will be posting on my blog just about everyday, but check back next Friday for my next Friday From Me 2 You.

Peace and Love

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