Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Wellness Check

Sooooooo what a week I had. I completely feel off track. I know many of you can relate. I was doing good until Wednesday. Wednesday I began to binge eat. I was going through a field of emotion in the process. It was something I felt extremely bad for doing it but could not control it. I was absolutely embarrassed even though no one knew without me telling them. Binge eating lead me to not get in my daily exercise. It threw off the rest of my week. I did reach out to my sisters because I couldn't believe I had gotten that bad and I needed someone to talk to. So what I have to do is start over.

Do I think I have totally failed??? NO!!!

I know everything is trail and error. Eliminating all processed foods is not the way to go for me. I have learned that not allowing myself to eat certain foods leads me to over eat and crave the foods. I will be starting over. I have to find what I love and how I can make changes that I will stick to.

Food is the hardest thing to tackle for me. I have to find a common ground with eating healthy but allowing myself to eat certain foods. I will still stay away from normal sweets like cake, cookies and other high sugar foods. Instead I will eat things like nutrigrain bars and granola bars. That way I don't feel like I can never have a treat. Other foods I love I will bring back but in moderation, like mashed potatoes and other things. I just have to make sure I'm sticking to the correct serving size. That way I shouldn't stray from my diet. BUT, again its all trail in error and I will make changes as needed.

Exercising was going good. The only thing that I had an issues was that it didn't feel the same as going to a gym. I love and miss the gym atmosphere. What I have found is that majority of the gyms in my area offer 7 days for free. So I will be utilizing that while I can. I think going back to the gym will get me back on track. It helps me clear my mind and focus.

I feel like I'm starting over but at least I'm not giving up. I refuse to give up. I want a healthier life and I also want to live a healthy life for my children.

I know someone of you can relate and I am here if you need support or have questions.

I did not weigh myself because I didn't want to get discouraged.

Peace & Love

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