Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Losing it While Keeping Your Curves

As you know I am, like others, currently on a weight lost journey. My main worry is losing my curves. I love having a nice shape and I definitely don't want to lose that when I lose the weight. Now I know I will lose a bit and that's fine but I would be horrified to lose everything. So I have been looking into fitness activities that can help me lose the weight but keep my curves.

There isn't much out there for us. I have not found many things focused on plus sized women. Everything is about being skinny and getting down to a specific body type. However, I did find out about a fitness class for plus sized women. Its called "Curvy Tease." The description include everything I would be interested in: "This class is specially designed for our plus-sized Divas who want to preserve their sexy while learning a combination of pole, chair, and floor moves that will sculpt, tone, and burn calories." Now how fun does that sound!!!

I want variety in my workouts, I want to have fun. We need more classes like this. Something women can enjoy and not even realize how many calories they are burning. The more fun the workout, the more we will want to actually workout.

One reason women are scared to work out is because they don't want to lose the nice frame they have. They like the size of their breast, butt, hips, even their thighs and I can't blame them. I don't want to lose my favorite parts either. That's why we need more fitness activities focused on this. I do find activities for a great butt, but what about everything else. Maybe that's something I need to look into. Make something that women would love, losing weight but keep their curves.
 I'll will keep my search going and inform you of any fun fitness activities for plus size women.

Peace & Love

Curvy Tease Fitness Class is at Vertical Tease Fitness Boutique in North Carolina. You can check out all the details and get information on all the other fun classes they provide at

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  1. I have trouble doing the leg/butt exercises to keep things round and "out there" because of my knees, as such when I get to a size 10 I have a flat bottom :( (well, compared to now).

    Good luck with keeping your curves!