Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hollywood and The "Real" Woman

Every woman has an image they would like to portray, a size they dream about being, and a beautiful successful famous woman they idolize. We think about Halle Berry, Beyonce, Keri Hilson, Megan Good, Angela Bassett and all of these absolutely beautiful females that we long to look like. While they are definitely gorgeous women that seem to have everything, we seem to forget that they have the same feeling we do. They long to look like and be like someone else. This just proves that no matter how we look, we will never obtain perfection and be 100% satisfied with how we look.

I think about some women in the entertainment business that may not be a size 4 but have a confidence level out of this world. These women are the ones that I look up to when it comes to my physical being. I am talking about Monique, Queen Latifah, and Jill Scott. They exude a confidence that can easily make the skinny women jealous! I chose these three women because they didn’t allow their size to keep them from doing what they wanted to do. They beat the odds and stereotypes and have been extremely successful! I applaud them as they continue on to bigger and better opportunities.

With that being said, we as plus size women, should continue to go for what we want with confidence and ignore what “society” may say. Don’t allow your weight, fears, doubts, obstacles, and situations keep you from your goals and dreams to be the next big thing! Be the “real woman” America needs to see! Embrace your curvy and go for it!

The Author: Adrienne Williams is from Anchorage, Alaska. She has an AA in Early Childhood Development, BA in Psychology and she’s a certified Christian Life Coach.

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