Monday, July 16, 2012

My Monday Wellness Check

Happy Monday Fabulous Ones,

I am feeling very good this morning. I am excited to be serious on my weight loss journey and I excited to encourage others to do the same. Last week I said I would start working out and I DID!!! I started doing Zumba at home everyday. I bought the complete set a month or so ago and I'm finally putting it to use.

To make sure I am able to workout I created a schedule for myself and the children. After I get off work at 5 p.m. I make sure we are home and eating dinner by no later than 6:30. That way I can clean the kitchen and start my work out no later than 7:30. Being that the twins are only one year old they can be a little demanding and I would have to stop working out to cater to their needs. However, I will continue my work out right away. I workout for at least 45 minutes.

I love doing Zumba, but this week I am going to switch things up a bit and get on my treadmill a few times throughout the week. Since I cant make it to the gym, I bought myself a treadmill earlier this year. To bad I haven't used it as much as I planned to. That is all about to change. I also have the Insanity workout set (my boyfriends, but he doesn't use it anymore), I want to incorporate that in to my plan probably next week. I think having a variety of workouts will keep me from getting bored.

My eating has gotten a whole lot better. I have started to eat five 300 calorie meals throughout the day. About every three hours. I have also stopped eating sweets and now only drinking water. My next step to eating is cutting out just about all processed foods. I have done this before and not only does it works excellent for weight loss but its very healthy for your body. I have purchased many books regarding "Clean Eating" over the years. They are great and they don't push weight loss. It's all about eating right.

Once I start cutting out all processed foods I know my weight loss will pick up speed. I will start that this week, which also means another trip to the grocery store. It is all worth it. I want to be healthy for my children and myself. Good luck on your journey and contact me if you have any questions or just need a weight loss support buddy.

My weigh-in today showed a loss of 2lbs

Peace & Love

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