Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Acceptable Plus Sizes in Plus Size Media

So I've been looking through plus size magazines and although they cater to plus size women, the pictures of women they show are mainly on the slimmer end of the plus size scale. Can it be that smaller women still reign over bigger women, even in our own community?

I usually see women that look like they are around a size 18 and below. What about women who wear a size 22 and higher. Why don't we see more of them? Is smaller more beautiful in the plus size media too? Or am I the only one that thinks this is possible?

In no way do I think the larger women are not accepted, but I do think that displaying them comes with some restrictions. When I do see larger plus size women in the media its from them. Plus size women that have their own businesses, blogs or brands put themselves out there to be seen. They are featured in magazines and blogs but its usually not a major magazine in the industry.

Size acceptance is not the issue. Every magazine, blog, website promotes size acceptance. On the upside, they do include things for all plus size women. I am a size 20 with large hips, thighs and some stomach, when do I see someone like that regularly in magazines? Do I have to create my own magazine? I'm not talking about just featuring, I'm talking about full editorial spreads. That's what I want to see.

So I ask do you agree? Do you feel plus size media also caters to smaller size or do you think its 50/50? Lets get talking :)

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