Friday, July 6, 2012

Confidence, Sex, and the Plus Size Woman pt.1

Enjoy this Three part series from The Curvy Fashionista....

Bonnie Lee who shares tips on embracing your sexuality and beign confident in the bedroom as a plus size woman. This is a 3-part series that, based upon YOUR comments will delve deeper into channeling your inner sexual confidence! Enjoy! Marie Denee

Part 1

Sometimes when my husband and I are walking hand in hand people look at us. I think I know what they are thinking. Actually, I know what they are thinking. I am a foxy, vibrant, voluptuous woman and he is a fit and handsome Marine. I am petite, curvy and PLUS SIZE. He is tall, slim and muscular. We are polar opposites. But as they say opposites attract. From the moment I married this man eleven years ago he has not stopped loving me, loving my body and always ensuring I never lose my curves.

Curvy girl sex is so important. It is not just about making love it is about making confidence. A confident woman can do many things including have the best sex life she deserves. But so many women are afraid of their bodies. How their bodies move and what it looks like to their partner. Trust me the last thing your partner is worried about is what you had for breakfast and how it has now formed into a perfect little roll around your hips. You are in the moment and sex, GOOD sex starts with confidence.

BUT, you must give yourself permission to THINK you CAN be SEXY!


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