Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Inspirations For The Curvy Diva: Mirror Mirror!

If someone had told me when I was a young girl, that I’d grow up and be a “Plus Size” woman, I probably would have cried. As a young girl growing up in the 70’s my images of overweight women were usually associated with unattractiveness. Most of the women in my family are plus size. My mom was a very pretty woman.

Growing up she was always on a diet. There were always special foods we weren’t allowed to touch, like her Shasta soda! Lol! I use to watch her struggle to put her panty hose on and really thought it was funny! But, there were also many occasions I felt bad for her because I knew she wasn’t happy with her weight. I always loved her for who she was and what she represented to me.

Back then society and media were not always friendly or kind to women of size. They were definitely not sex symbols or equated to sexiness. Society and media felt the best place to put a plus size woman was to equate her to food and being a friend. That was it. And maybe an occasional cleaning product advertisement. They still do this today!! Have you noticed the size of the “Pine Sol” woman?! I feel really blessed in this day and age.

Fast forward years later and now I AM A PLUS SIZE WOMAN! I’m proud to say that! I can attest to being on diets off and on for years. I believe as women, whatever size we are, we are all hoping to obtain the “ideal” when it comes to our bodies individually. I’m not sure if any person on this earth is 100 percent happy with their bodies.

We have all heard the drama of the term plus size not being used anymore. Many plus size women want to do away with the term. Why? It is who you are! I don’t give a dam if I’m called, PLUS SIZE,CURVY,PHAT,VOLUPTUOUS, whatever! I am ALL those things! As a plus size woman, I can still walk in a room of smaller women and turn heads!!! I still have men stare at me and want me! I have curves that are in the plus arena!! LOL!!

But, at the core of it all there is a woman who has humility, gives respect and demands it and is kind to others. Whatever term is given to us our character at the end of it all, will determine how people perceive us. For every woman that reads this article, if there is something you wish to change regarding your weight don’t be afraid to do so. Your health is at the core of everything you do and what you will be able to do in the future.

If you need to lose weight then do it! But, in the interim be good to yourself emotionally and don’t be afraid to OWN who you are! The images of plus size women today are beautiful and staggeringly sexy! We have come into our own and earned our right to sit at the fashion table and be respected and admired! There is no ideal. All there is, is what we give for ourselves to obtain. For me, I am Shanda, and I am a PLUS SIZE WOMAN! I’m owning and declaring it! And for all the haters, “Let’em eat cake!” I wish you all the best in Love and Life!

Author: Shanda Freeman, Article from www.dailyvenusdiva.com

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