Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Work On Your Inner Self

So I am in a group for plus size women on facebook. The group is based over seas so I definitely understand the cultural differences I may encounter. Yesterday someone put up a post from a woman she read and wanted our opinions on it. The post was about how she (the woman) was over weight most her life and never had any happy moments and blamed it on her weight. She said her friends never wanted to be around her and men only used her. It saddened me at the beginning of her story but sadness turned into anger.

She then starts to categorize ALL big (plus size) women and said that we will all have miserable lives until we lose weight. She kept saying that the life she lived is what we all will live until we change ourselves. She closed by saying that she lost 100 pounds and feels better about herself but she still doesn't date and its because she wants to turn the table on guys in certain ways to hurt them in return. There was not one person that agreed with her story.

What made me angry is that people love to categorize others that they do not know. Just because you have major insecurities because of your weight doesn't mean we have those same insecurities. Even after she lost the weight she still hasn't found a "good" man so it goes to show that no matter how much you change your appearance if you are not confident and have good self esteem you will not have a better life.

And for her to tell others to do what she did and boast about her "new" life was just a away to try and make herself feel better in my opinion. I left a comment and one thing I shared was that if she was so happy that 1. she wouldn't categorize and talk down to other plus size women and 2. she would be dating or starting to enter into the dating the world. Being that those two points stick out like sore thumbs I know she's not truly happy.

Ladies we much work on our inner selves before we make major changes or the changes will mean nothing in our new life.

Peace & Love

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