Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Adele on Weight Loss: I Would Only Lose Weight If It Affects My Sex Life

Adele, the uber-popular British soul singer, is completely comfortable with two things: her voice and her body.

Despite being ‘plus size,’ the singer has often rebuffed comments and calls for her to drop some weight and fit into the single-digit dress size of her industry peers. Why? She’s comfortable with herself.

In a biography released this week, the 24-year-old new mom fired back at those who criticize her weight, saying she’d only shed a few pounds if it really affected her life.
She said: “I read a comment on YouTube that I thought would upset me — ‘Test pilot for pies’ — but I’ve always been fine with it. I would only lose weight if it affected my health or sex life, which it doesn’t.”
Although very vocal about her weight, Adele’s stance is not unique. Despite the media’s insistence that being overweight is the worst thing a person can be, a self-acceptance movement called Healthy At Every Size is growing.

Years of diet fatigue and an industry more concerned with keeping folks on the treadmill of yo-yo dieting rather than actually getting healthy has taken it’s toll. Many are embracing Adele’s philosophy and are jumping off the hamster wheel.
Instead of concentrating on the numbers on the scale, Dr. Linda Bacon says that people should focus on a few things: accepting that every body is different; eating in a manner that honors internal cues of hunger, satiety, and appetite; and finding the joy in moving your body.
By approaching health in a holistic manner instead of viewing it as something that must be beat into submission, perhaps more people will be as happy with their bodies—no matter the size — as Adele is with hers.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this interesting post!
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  2. Adele is a great singer, I really like her voice. Losing weight is her personal preference, we (fans) should not get involved in her personal life. Let her live her life the way she want and enjoy her melodious voice.