Thursday, November 8, 2012

Coco (Ice T's Wife) Speaks on Her Body Image Issues Growing Up

The voluptuous Coco recently divulged intimate details about her life, admitting Hollywood was so full of criticism due to her plump apple bottom, she couldn’t cope until butt enthusiast made her a star..

Although Coco’s curves are now a reality show staple, the bodacious blonde wasn’t always happy with her assets.

In a pretty revelatory interview with the gossip rag Sister 2 Sister magazine, Ice-T’s wife of over ten years claimed that she struggled with an eating disorder after being called fat by a photo shoot director while a teenager.

Coco stated to Jamie Foster:
“When I was 18, the J.Lo butt was not in. To have a booty was not the thing. You were considered fat if you had a booty. I was being cast in stuff where you’ll see all these really beanpole-looking white girls with blonde hair and big boobs. That’s what I wanted to be.”

Coco subsequently began to an purging regimen when she was told by her director that she needed to lose weight.
“I went and tried everything from diet pills to cleansing to everything you could possibly do to get rid of your butt. Bulimia – I tried that but I love my food too much.”
In steps Ice-T who appreciated her curves, and told Coco that she needed to make her next move her best move and he then put her on reality TV block and rest is pop-culture history.

Seriously, we’re happy Coco made it through her eating disorder and self-image complications after her husband Ice helped her appreciate her curves, reminding her:

“You got a little waist and a nice, round butt … That’s what’s unique about you. The boobs – anybody can go buy them.”
More and more female celebrities are sharing their stories of weight and body image issues and I am beyond happy. What you see on TV is not everyones reality. Even celebrities are trying to fit into society standards and go through the same issues as us. You are not alone and their stories can be used to learn from. You are who you are and having unique features is what makes us all different. LOVE YOURSELF.

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