Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday's From Me To You

Happy Friday Ladies :)

I was reading an article about plus size fashion blogger changing the plus size fashion industry and it got me thinking. The more people who stand up for change can eventually pave the way for a new and improved industry.

We have to come together to make change. Don't be afraid to be yourself, say how you feel and demand what you want. The fashion industry isn't going to change until we demand what we want. Don't dress in frumpy unflattering clothing because you cant find things you like. There are many ways you can make clothes work for you.

Also start looking into buying clothes from small plus size boutiques and independent sellers. I have came across many small boutiques and plus size fashionistas that sell plus size clothing. You have to also request for your size if they don't carry it. Contact the owner and see if they can get your size. Usually most owners will try to help you the best way they can.

When you create your own looks or wear something that is very flattering to your shape more people will ask where you got it from. Spread the word about who you shop from and if you are in lager sizes like 32 and up share who you buy from. We can change the industry and I know that is what many of us are waiting for.

Peace & Love

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