Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Wellness Check

Hi my lovely ladies,

I hope you had a great weekend. I also hope you have also not given up on your healthy journey. Its not only about losing weight. Its about making sure you are as healthy as possible. Well I have have gotten completely back on track. I have revamped my eating and started exercising again. I have gained back all the weight I've lost and then some. My clothes are also starting to get tight. I can't allow myself to go any further down this road.

I and eating way more fruits and veggies. I do eat some processed foods. Mainly for lunch at work I eat lean cuisine type meals if I don't have time or forget to make a lunch. My binge eating is still a struggle but I'm working on it. My main thing I need to work on is eating enough. I don't eat enough then I get hungry and eat whatever I find. So that my focus. Being that I already know what I should eat, I just need to make sure I eat enough.

I have started exercising again. I'm doing Zumba and getting on my treadmill. My first day back at it was hard and I wanted to stop, but I didn't let myself. I have to remind myself that it takes time to get back in the swing of things and I know I will. I will not be able to work out at home this week so I have to find alternatives. That will be challenging but I will make sure I get in at least 30-45 minutes every night.

I hope you haven't stopped. As long as you make progress you will never fail. Remember it wont happen over night and you will have rough patches but stay strong and continue to work towards a healthier you.

Peace & Love

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