Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Wellness Check

Happy Monday Ladies,

I have decided to do the Monday Wellness Check every other week from now on. It gives us both an oppritunity to see our progress over a longer period of time. Well...... what have you been up to on your healthy journey????? I would love for you to share your stories, good or bad. I have been doing really good.

My eating has been getting so much better. I am eating healthy just about all the time. I say just about because I allow a couple things. Every Friday is donut day at my job so I allow myself to have ONE and with the holidays coming up I will allow myself to eat a few things I stay away from regularly. Im the only on in my family eating healthy so I know there wont be anything healthy on that table.

I have had times when I want something really bad and I find things to take my mind off of it. I have also been looking for and using healthy recipies I find to keep my food from becoming boring. Another thing I found is certain grocery stores has more of a variety of healthy foods and I will be going there more frequently.

Exercise is coming along. I am trying to get in at least 30 minutes a day. I am really busy with my full time job, Size Fabulous and my three daughters that is doesnt always happen but I am exercising and that is what matters. I am more focused to make a change for the better for my health. Again I am not trying to lose weight to be skinny. I want to be HEALTHY and there is a difference.

I hope your still on your journey and staying strong. Dont forget hard work pays off.

Peace & Love

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