Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How Low Will You Go???....For Attention

I came across a video showing footage of a plus size strip club in New York City. I have never heard of one so I was very intrigued to see the video. If you have never been to a female strip club there is a few thing that I assumed would be in place, boy was I wrong.

I actually became disgusted by the level of disrespect the ladies had for their bodies. They allowed men to do any and everything to them. Now correct me if I'm wrong but in most strip club men have rules they have to follow, but this place seemed to have none. Was it because it was a plus size strip club?????? One major thing that really got under my skin was big women dancing with food. If its one thing that grinds my gears its fat people doing things with food for entertainment. It is soooooo degrading to me.

I have no issues with stripping but this place should be shut down. I am all for the big girl can do anything movement but at what cost. Must we degrade and disrespect our bodies to get the same level of attention as our slimmer counterparts?? Can we not have a legitimate business that follow the same rules and guidelines as others. Things like this will set us back and it will not help with plus size empowerment.

Ladies men will give you the same attention if you carry yourself with confidence and respect. Your size should not be a reason to have low standards. If you want to be a stripper by all means that is fine but have some respect about your craft. Don't allow any level of disrespect to yourself or your body. You are worthy of nothing but the best and you are the only one that can make it happen.

Know your worth ladies!!!!!!

Peace & Love

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