Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Blues

This post may be too late for thanksgiving but valuable for Christmas, as I saw somethings around this past Thanksgiving.

Do you get the holiday blues? Holiday blues is when you get in a down or depressed state around Thanksgiving and Christmas. So many factors can play into having down moments at those times. The two main issues are the food and family who may not have seen you in a while.

We work so hard to eat healthy and it is a struggle for everyone at holiday time. Nothing served at my family's dinner table is cooked healthy. I don't beat myself up about it either. If you have the same type of situation it is OK to eat the food. Don't starve yourself on the holidays because there are no healthy options. I just mad sure I had small portions of whatever I really wanted. I also mad sure I didn't go back for seconds. I can admit I tried all the desserts LOL, but I didn't take any of the food home. I knew if I took food home I would over eat. Just understand that it is OK to indulge in holiday foods as long as you don't go overboard.

Family is another trigger to get you down in the dumps. Although I don't have any judgemental people in my family I know many of you do. There's always that relative that has no filter and will say whatever they want regardless if it hurts your feelings or not. You have to treat them like you do others who make comments. You can either ignore their negative comments or you can speak up about how they made you feel. Don't let comments get you down. You are a beautiful woman (or teen) and you deserve nothing but the best. Use those comments as motivation for your confidence.

Holiday time can be tough for some but remember who you are and your worth. Don't allow food or negative comments get in the way of your joy.

Peace & Love

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