Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pepsi Fat Blocking Soda....SMH

So Pepsi just release a new soda in the Japan market called "Pepsi Special". The soda contains a fiber that allegedly helps reduce fat levels in the body. Although fiber is something we should have in a healthy diet, adding it to sodas (which are unhealthy) is not a good thing.

Pushing a product like this doesn't really have any benefits. People will drink more of this soda thus negating the benefit of the fiber. Any way people can still have their favorite things while dieting and not make themselves feel guilty, they will consume. It just give people another excuse to drink soda.

Products like this makes me upset. It is hard enough to eat healthy and maintain it without companies pushing weight loss products in our face everyday. I really hope people understand that no matter what soda companies do the soda it is still soda. It still has similar ingredients from before.

Its up to you to decide what you will eat and drink. I just wanted to share my opinion.

What is your take on this new soda?


  1. Does it have sugar in it? I drink a set amount of caffeinated soda each day, so if it has fiber added to it and no sugar, it could just replace the sugar free soda I'm already drinking. The fiber wouldn't be negated at all in that case.

  2. Meh, then it's an uninteresting soda. Sugar free with fiber I'd consider, but sugary? Pass. I'll stick to my "Pepsi Max"