Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nothing Will Change Without Your Efforts

I hear a lot of women complain daily about what they don't like about their bodies, clothes, hair, life and etc. I can admit I complain about things too. Have you sat down to think about what you have done to make the changes you need to feel better about it? Have you revamped your wardrobe? Lost a few pounds? Embraced the body you have? Change up your hair styles? These are all things you should be doing to become a happier you.

You don't have to lose 100 pounds to be beautiful, but if you feel losing some weight can help your confidence and self-esteem then go for it. You have to be willing to put in the work to make it happen. Nothing will change without your efforts. If you feel like your clothes are out dated or your just not feeling that look you can do things to change it also.

Even if your money is tight (like mine) you can do inexpensive things to switch it up. Try adding accessories, mix matching prints, go to thrift stores and you can also check out plus size fashion bloggers they always have great info on the latest trends. The most important thing is to make changes for yourself and not someone else.

You are the only one that can truly make yourself happy so make sure your doing things to make yourself a better you. You can't love someone else without loving yourself first.

Peace & Love

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