Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Here Kitty Kitty

I have a ton of tops and skirts I have not worn yet because I bought them so late into the summer and probably may not get to wear them as it is already getting really chilly...grrrrr. Today I wanted to have a little fun and pull out a this tank and since it is too cold to just wear it I added a blazer. That is how I still get to wear a lot of summer tops in fall. It's cold but not too cold and a blazer will not only allow you to wear things longer but it creates a new look. I think I was supposed to be born and live in the southern states because I despise very cold weather and snow. Until I make a move I'll just have fun playing around with ways to extend my wardrobe through the seasons.

Outfit Deets: Blazer: Rainbow / Tank: CW Price / Skirt: Target / Shoes: Target

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