Monday, October 14, 2013


So yesterday someone (who must be a genius....NOT) declared it Fat Shaming Week and we took it over by storm. I guess they had a lot of free time on their hands. Fat and Fabulous ladies and men on Twitter and Instagram took over the hashtag and re declared it a Love Your Body Week. What they wanted people to do was upload pictures of big people and shame and degrade them, but instead the hashtag was overflowing with people showing their love and empowering others to love their bodies.

Some people asked why feed into it but I had to explain that there are some people who are not confident enough to fit back and will only feel worse about themselves. We created a movement and no longer are we standing for ignorance simply because our body frame is not small. They had nothing to say about people who eat terribly but are small, it was all about people who's large (smart right...I know).

Well all I can say is there is no shaming over here and love yourself ladies. You are beautiful!!


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