Sunday, October 20, 2013

Why You Really Need a Image Consultant/Stylist Even If You Think You Don't

I talk to many women and a lot of them say the same thing: "I don't need a stylist, I know how to shop." and "Why would I pay someone to pick out my clothes, I can do that!" Ladies you are missing out on great services!

I think many people think stylist are just for celebrities and high profiled people and you couldn't be more wrong. Image consultants and stylist are here to help you look your best at all times. You may feel you have your look together and that may be true, however, we (stylist) can bring you the best of the best regardless of your budget.

Budget is not a problem for me to help you achieve your fashion vision. I am a budget conscious shopper and stylist and I keep my clients needs and wants first. I take the hassle of keeping up on trends, finding great pieces, shopping, and figuring out what will look good together so you, the client, will not have to. I am here for services as big as red carpet events, to things as small as going out to the movies.

I also educate my clients on what looks amazing on their body types. Everything is not made for everyone even if it does come in your size. The cost of services can range by stylist and there is someone for everyone. You just have to find one to fit your needs.

My style is not my clients style. I style younger women to older women and find items for them to bring out their own personalities. If your stylist is making you dress like them then you have the wrong stylist. I focus on the goals of the client. What will help them flourish and bring out their inner fashionista. Age, race, and current style is never factor in providing excellent services.

Ladies you need a stylist even if you think you don't. Call me and we can speak more in depth of how I can help you bring out your inner fabulousness.

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