Thursday, October 31, 2013

How to Create a Waist and Enhance Your Curves

As a stylist I have to work with every body shape and what many women do not know is that there are easy ways to adjust your clothes to fit your shape properly and give you a killer silhouette. A big problem women have is how to enhance your curves when you are not very curvy. It is more common than you think. Below I will show you the easiest ways to enhance your curves and give you a more feminine silhouette.

1. Shape Wear
Shape wear, also known as girdle or body shaper, pulls and holds you in, in the right places. It can also help shape you, especially if you are losing weight. Check out to find great shape wear that goes up to a size 4x.

Belts are very versatile and can transform any look. They pull you in right at the waist which will show off a curvier frame. You can choose either a thin or wide belt. They will do the same thing. Visit Lane Bryant for very cool belts and they have a 2 for $30 sale right now too.

Lane Bryant

3. Panel Dresses
Panel dresses give the illusion of being curvy. The dark panels will slim you and the shape of the front panels will will distract the eye into thinking you have more of an hourglass figure. Visit Sonsi for great panel dresses.


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